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When you’re thinking about purchasing fencing for your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options available. With the fencing market estimated to be worth over £1 billion – equally split between materials and installation – there are many fencing choices for a range of different industries.

No need to be confused, CLD Fencing have got you covered. If you’re in the market for non-conductive or frangible radio transparent fencing, then our GRP fencing range is where to start. These fencing solutions are perfect if you have businesses in the following sectors:


  • High voltage risk areas
  • Chemical works
  • Airports
  • Water treatment works
  • Railways and trackside applications
  • Electrical sites


What is GRP fencing?

GRP – glass reinforced plastic – has non-conductive properties, is made from a polyester resin, and is known for its strength, making it a popular fencing solution.

Here at CLD Fencing, we provide the next evolution in frangible (breaks into fragments through impact) radio transparent and non-conductive fencing, railings and gates.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with UNI EN 294 and UNI EN 811 standards, our GRP fencing solutions provide privacy, practicality, and security. Perfect for almost every business environment, our GRP Fencing is highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand adverse weather conditions.


Benefits of GRP fencing?

GRP fencing has a number of benefits:

  • Resistant to impact – the fencing returns to its original shape following impact
  • Easier to work with– the composite material is 50% lighter than other fencing materials, making it easier to transport and install
  • Cost effective – there are minimal requirements for repair with this system and therefore benefits from longevity, meaning there are no ongoing expenses
  • Strong and durable – has impressive load-bearing capabilities and bi-directional strength
  • Anti-theft – GRP fencing, railing and gates have no theft value, meaning it won’t fall victim to the rising number of metal thefts each year
  • Weather resistant – wind, rain and snow are no match for GRP fencing. It can withstand even the harshest of environments including UV rays
  • Less upkeep – GRP fencing is self-coloured and requires much less upkeep than traditional materials such as metal and timber, so no need for ongoing maintenance and painting
  • What is the best GRP fencing for you?

    Here at CLD Fencing, we have a selection of GRP solutions that could benefit you and your business.


    Fibrefence GRP mesh fencing

    As the first true GRP mesh fencing system on the market, fibrefence GRP mesh fencing is ideal for sectors such as airports and utilities.

    Built directly on site by assembling GRP mesh, profiles and wind-bracings, the process is quick due its lightweight nature – reducing the costs of installation.

    The wide mesh apertures provide excellent visibility, improves active and passive security in addition to mechanical resistance, so is guaranteed to prevent intrusion attempts. To avoid animals getting into your site, you can bury part of the mesh into the ground – this is certainly recommended around aviation sites.

    Here at CLD Fencing, we have standard heights from 1m to 2.5m, with other dimensions are available on request. Sometimes, your GRP solution may require in-line and/or perpendicular wind bracings, to improve overall resistance – which we also provide.

    There are other accessories you can add to improve security and all our GRP solutions are compatible with most common intrusion detection and monitoring/control systems.

  • Fibrefence GRP railings

    Perfect when additional security is required but you still need all the elements of a GRP non-conductive, frangible fence line, our fibrefence GRP railings are for you.

    Ideal for electrical projects, this system is built by using GRP pultruded profiles, assembled to create self-standing, modular panels that combine high mechanical resistance and protection.

    When used for an aviation project, this solution is in line with ICAO prescriptions and is suitable to protect areas subject to jet-blast. It can also be improved by including tiny GRP mesh to control small wildlife. It can also be enhanced by adding GRP mesh to control small wildlife.

    Available in standard heights from 1m to 3.0m, with other dimensions available on demand, special arms can be added to support plastic, barbed or concertina wires.

    For all of our solutions, we can design, engineer and manufacture completely in line with customer’s needs and requirements.


    Fibrefence GRP gates

    Adding controlled access to your GRP fence line, our fibrefence GRP crash gates are the ideal physical access control for your utilities project.

    The gates are available in pedestrian and vehicular styles and are installed after the fibrefence fencing system. Lightweight with the ability to reach very wide apertures without the need of heavy supporting structures, these gate solutions are manufactured to be used as safety crash gates in case of emergency.

    They are available in single or double-leaf layout with standard height up to 2.5m and apertures up to 12m. They are also CE marked and UNI EN 13241 class 5 wind resistance compliant, as standard.

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