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Millions of visitors flock to zoos and wildlife parks in the UK every year, with as many as 1.2 million people visiting the elephants and big cats at Chester Zoo alone in 2019.

It’s so important that zoos and wildlife parks are safe and secure so visitors continue to go and enjoy seeing the animals, as this provides valuable revenue to feed the animals and develop breeding programmes.

At CLD Fencing, we manufacture double wire zoo and wildlife park fencing and gate solutions, which have been used by Chester Zoo, Chessington World of Adventures and London Zoo, to name a few.

Our zoo and wildlife fencing solutions can evolve with the specific needs of each zoo and wildlife park, ensuring the highest possible security at all times.

  • Keeping both animals and humans safe

    It goes without saying that safety is of paramount importance, for members of the public and staff members, whilst ensuring visitors can see the animals in their natural habitats with clear visibility.

    Zoo and wildlife fencing solutions should also:

    • Be childproof

    There should be no small gaps or spaces where children can inadvertently enter animal enclosures.

    • Blend into the environment

    A big attraction for visitors to zoos and wildlife parks is that they want to feel as close to the animals as possible, so blending the fencing and gate solutions into the environment achieves this, as does providing a mesh fence.

    • Durable and hard wearing

    This is to prevent the fencing and gate solutions from breaking down in adverse weather conditions, resulting in weakened sections where animals could potentially escape from their enclosures.

    • Protecting the animals

    It’s just as important to protect the animals as it is the visitors. For example, elephants, shouldn’t be able to get their trunks trapped, and lions and tigers require double fencing for maximum security, for obvious reasons!

    Escaping into public arenas can be more harmful for the animals than it can be for people, with them getting spooked or threatened in a new environment, meaning they could lash out.

    Safe and secure zoo and wildlife park fencing and gate solutions also protect endangered species, including animals that have come to the zoo after losing their homes to deforestation or are at risk from poachers, from physical human contact.

  • The best zoo and wildlife park fencing solutions

    Designed to ensure maximum security and safety, zoo and wildlife park fencing solutions are bespoke to each and every enclosure. By working closely with industry professionals and zoo/park officials, fencing solutions are also dependent on which species of animals are being protected.

    At CLD Fencing, we manufacture double wire zoo and wildlife park fencing systems and gate solutions to fit most briefs, including:

    • Lion and tiger enclosures
    • Monkey enclosures
    • Air-lock gate systems
    • Perimeter fencing
    • Decorative fencing
    • Security gates for animal feeding areas

    We look at the size and shape of the enclosures, the type of animals being protected and the feeding access required by zookeepers. We also undertake detailed research and work closely with zoo and wildlife park specialists and experts, as well as security and safety advisors.

    This process is thorough and enables the manufacture and installation of new fencing and gate solutions, including upgrading existing systems. This can be essential in the construction of zoos and wildlife parks, keeping animals and the public safe.

Here at CLD Fencing, we use our Twin Wire Dulok Zoo Fencing System, including the double wire mesh fencing system available in the 656 and 868 Twin Wire Mesh Option, which is manufactured with full length clamp bars and heights up to 6m.

Panels are fixed to steel posts with sturdy clamps and secured with pin-hex security screws with no visible fixings on the back of posts, making the fencing systems highly secure. This prevents anyone from climbing over into animal enclosures or even cutting through.

Conforming to BSI safety standard BS1722 Part 14 we offer multiple colours and at 20 different heights, this Dulok double mesh fencing solution is ideal for any zoo and wildlife park fencing project.

If you want your zoo and wildlife fencing to help your project to become the next major attraction, then contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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