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  • The Hot Topic – Why do we Need to Decarbonise the Power Sector?

    New research has been found that power companies have been seen to be dragging their feet when embracing green energy sources such as solar and wind power. According to BBC News, only 1 in 10 energy suppliers globally has prioritised renewable energy usage over fossil fuels. Although, in countries like the UK and across Europe, […]

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  • The Hot Topic – Electrical Substations: Danger Signs are There for a Reason

    Back in September of this year, a substation based in Leyland in Lancashire was subject to a break in with the intruder tampering with the equipment whilst putting their life on the line by trespassing. But this wasn’t the only intrusion, as for the past 5 weeks 6 electricity substations in the area have been […]

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  • Product Spotlight – Securus AC MK II

    Product Description Back in 2019, LPCB launched a brand-new version of their LPS 1175 in the form of Issue 8. In true CLD Fencing Systems style, it allowed us to develop a new security fencing solution to measure up to the new threats, attack tools and methods… and so Securus AC MK II was established […]

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  • Product Spotlight – Securus S3

    Product Description Securus S3 is the latest generation of permanent physical security. It is tested and certified to the latest LPS 1175 Issue 8, achieving the C5 (SR3) rating. This means your assets have a guaranteed delay against an attack of 5 minutes minimum using latest attack tools.   Specifications: Galvanised and polyester powder-coated after […]

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