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  • Achieving the 5 Ds of Perimeter Defence with High Security Fencing

    High security fencing doesn’t just provide a physical barrier between your facility and an attacker. It can provide the foundation for a complete perimeter defence system.

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  • The Hot Topic – What Does it Mean for the Security Industry to go Green?

    The conversation around sustainability has been in discussion for a while, and many industries have embraced and incorporated ‘green thinking’ into the heart of what they do. High polluting industries have strived to reduce their effects like the automotive sectors introducing eco-friendly electric cars and even the retail industry aiming to decrease their carbon footprints […]

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  • What are the benefits of Mesh Fencing?

    Welded mesh fencing is amongst the most popular when it comes to practical security solutions for commercial premises – and for good reason too! Affordable, durable and with the ability to customise it to blend in seamlessly with your building – mesh fencing has deserved its strong reputation. If it’s your responsibility to arrange fencing […]

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  • Best types of High Security Fencing

    From rigid mesh fencing to palisade security fencing, there are a number of high-security fencing options to choose. But which one is best.

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  • SAN-Gress Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit – For Safer Environments

    During this global pandemic outbreak, we have seen first-hand just how easily and quickly viruses can spread. From product contamination to protecting the wellbeing of your employees and customers, it’s been difficult to control. COVID-19 has spread to nearly every country since it first emerged in China at the beginning of 2020. At the start […]

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