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Railway Fencing

  • The Hot Topic – Is a Shortcut Worth Risking Your Life?

    “All I remember was a thud and being on the floor and then there was just this horrendous smell of burnt hair and skin… I accepted it. I just knew I was going to die.” Chris Dos Santos This quote, as shocking as it is, was taken from a survivor who had stepped on the […]

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  • Railway Security – The Hot Topic, forget HOT and WHAT and start with WHY

    At 06.29 on the 8th May 2019, a train stuck an abandoned vehicle on the Morris Cowley Branch Line near Kennington Junction, Oxford. It took over 9 hours for Network Rail to deal with the incident; and return possession of the track at 15:55. 23 minutes later; the driver of another train on the same […]

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  • Railway Fencing for Staffordshire Alliance

    11km of CLD Dulok Railway Fencing helps the trains to arrive on time. One of the last remaining bottlenecks on the West Coast Main Line has opened ahead of schedule allowing smoother and more reliable journeys for passengers on one of Europe’s busiest railway lines. The new flyover at Norton Bridge has been designed to […]

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