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Heritage Protection Fencing

  • The Hot Topic – Protecting Listed Buildings & Heritage Gardens Against Crime

    Britain’s heritage buildings and gardens have been inherited from our past and preserved for future generations to enjoy… but some criminals see this as a money-making scheme. Heritage crime has been an issue for listed buildings and heritage gardens for years and it hasn’t shown signs of slowing down in recent times. Crime against heritage […]

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  • Site Security Fencing – Fulham Gasworks

    Providing Heritage Protection with Site Security Fencing at Fulham Gasworks Decommissioning. FenceSafe, a Revolution in Temporary Fencing has allowed Erith Contractors to offer heritage protection and site security fencing around monuments and entrance ways at the site of the world’s oldest gasholder. The 17-acre site, located at Fulham Gasworks has been scheduled for decommissioning and […]

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