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  • The Importance Of Fencing In Protecting Our Airports

    High-quality and durable airport security perimeter fencing is essential as the first line of defence when protecting staff, passengers and fuel sources from outside security risks – such as terrorism, trespassers and other criminal activity. With airport security fencing performing various functions in potentially dangerous situations, having both radio transparent and frangible fencing in airports […]

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  • See fencing in a new light!

    When you think of fencing, you probably don’t think about the functions that fencing performs and the reasons why they are made of a particular material. Fencing in your back garden is completely different from the fencing that is used in commercial and public spaces. Traditionally made from iron, steel, or aluminium, perimeter fencing has […]

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  • The Many Uses Of GRP Fencing

    When you’re thinking about purchasing fencing for your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options available. With the fencing market estimated to be worth over £1 billion – equally split between materials and installation – there are many fencing choices for a range of different industries. No need to be confused, […]

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  • Access Control to Match your Fencing

    Access control (AC) – in the field of physical security – is defined as ‘the selective restriction and control of access to a certain place.’ Whether the person requiring access is a contractor, visitor or employee, you need to make sure that your access control fencing is of the highest possible quality. At CLD Fencing, […]

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  • The Importance Of Temporary Fencing

    Temporary fencing – also known as mobile fencing – is necessary to secure work sites or areas where interim security measures are required. It has to be easy to erect and take down, but should also still function as a deterrent for people with unauthorised access – just as permanent security fencing would. As a […]

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  • Design Your Next Perimeter Security Fencing Project With CLD Fencing

    Fencing If you are looking to get working on your next perimeter security fencing project, then you need to contact CLD Fencing, where our team of experts are waiting to help you. Providing innovative designs and CAD and BIM Level 2 support, our in-house CAD Design Team make sure that your perimeter security fencing project […]

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  • Looking for a High Standard of Physical Security?

    We all know data centres are high security sites, requiring the highest level of security systems to stay safe and secure. Whatever the size of the data centre, a breach in security just can’t happen. So, to keep data centres safe, what security standards are in place to protect against an attack? The International Organisation […]

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  • The Layers of Data Centre Security and how to achieve them?

    We have security standards in place for a reason, to keep all data centres regulated to ensure they’re properly equipped to withstand an attack. How does the layout of these security systems help to reduce intruders, trespassers, or attackers? A method that is favoured by many is the layered approach. This strategy gives sites an in-depth […]

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  • The Hot Topic – Security Challenges Data Centres Could be Facing in the Future

    During the past few years, with the pandemic forcing many companies and employees to operate from home, the data centre market has accelerated at a much faster pace. According to a Data Centre Europe report, the European data centre market is expected to grow by up to 46% in the next 4 years. The digitalisation […]

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