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Border Security

  • The Hot Topic – How will BREXIT Affect the Security and Defence Sector?

    After months of discussions and negotiations, with speculation of a no deal BREXIT, the UK and the European Union came to an agreement, setting out a deal which came into effect on the 31st of December 2020. This trade deal allows the UK to form a future relationship outside of the EU, but what exactly […]

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  • The Hot Topic – Difficult Times and Tougher Borders

    Back in 2015, more than 1 million people crossed international borders into Europe, with the majority of these immigrants choosing small Greek villages as a gateway to progress further into Northern Europe. Five years ago, it was a different story as these villages welcomed these individuals with open arms and offered them what they could. However, […]

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  • The Hot Topic – Developed Terror, can we fight back…

    What if rather than the threat of terror there was a cold certainty that you would experience it on a regular basis? No, we are not talking about the United Kingdom or even Europe at that stage, but rather the developing countries. Over the last 4 years there have been 4121 Terror Attacks carried out […]

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