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  • Three Big Benefits To Opting For Temporary Fencing For Your Next Sporting Event

    Temporary sports fencing is the perfect solution when the enclosure is only needed for a short period. The function of this type of fencing can change over time, which is why it must be transportable, flexible, and easy to use. Many professional sporting arenas benefit from temporary sports fencing at high-profile sporting events. However, it’s […]

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  • Top Factors To Consider When Installing Sports Fencing

    When installing sports fencing, there are several factors to think about. Each application of sports fencing has its own unique set of demands to fulfill. You’ll need to consider the fencing requirements of the sport in question, safety concerns, legal considerations, your neighbours, and the image you want to project. To help you choose the […]

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  • What New Challenges Will Airports Face Once Lockdowns Lift?

    In April 2020, two-thirds of commercial planes were grounded worldwide, and passenger traffic was down 90% compared to the same period in 2019. The COVID-19 crisis brought a sudden halt to the aviation industry, and flights and passenger numbers are only recently beginning to rally. As operations restart, airlines and airports are facing a range of […]

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  • The Hot Topic – The Aviation Sector Reaches New Heights with Sustainability

    When we look at the Aviation Industry, there are many benefits, such as economic and societal that they bring to the table. Air travel has united the world; permitting businesses to trade internationally and allowing friends and families to connect overseas. But with these positive aspects, come the negative impact and damage they could be […]

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  • The Hot Topic – Airport and Port Fencing, can you protect against stupidity and should you even try?

    The biggest threat to aviation and port security doesn’t in fact come from terrorism but predominately from stupid choices. Who hasn’t after leaving a party in a ‘steaming’ state thought what a great idea it would be to scale a fence and walk on to an active airfield? Or why even bother with buying a […]

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  • Airport Physical Perimeters: Preventing Penetration, Scaling and Burrowing in a Modern World

    From specification to standards, ‘Secured by Design’ and layered approaches, Stewart Plant takes a look at what fencing can do in this modern world to prevent penetration, scaling and burrowing of airport physical perimeters, and how protection starts with your fence line. Despite having built a culture based on surveillance and detection, when it comes […]

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