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  • From Data Center Physical Perimeter Security to Temporary Rapid Deployed Fence Lines our range of solutions are perfect for any project.

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  • FenceSafe-E; Powered by Gallagher’s is the worlds first Temporary Monitored Pulse Fence (Powered Electric Fence) and Host. Providing rapid protection in the most hostile environments.

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  • School Security has never been more important. CLD Fencing Systems dedicated School Fencing Systems can help you create a full response to an active shooter by controlling ingress and egress points.

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The United Kingdoms Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Rigid Mesh Security Fencing Systems and Gates now in the United States of America

For over 40 years CLD Fencing Systems has innovated the Security Fencing Industry with its range of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates. Working with The JGW Group, we are now able to offer our full range of Physical Perimeter Security products across the whole of the United States of America.

Security Fencing - JGW Group

This international partnership allows the US markets to Experience the Difference with designed and manufactured Security Fencing to LPS 1175, Secured by Design and across our Securus SR1 and AC range ‘Approved for Government Use’ – please contact CPNI for further information. These international recognized Physical Security Accreditation’s means you are in safe hands when it comes to protecting your perimeter and internal demarcation.

From revolutionary Temporary Security Fencing to Sports Fencing used by the top Soccer Teams across Europe, there is a solution to your security problems in our wide range.

The JGW Group can provide you with detailed information on any of our security fencing and gate solutions for your next project. For further information either complete our ‘Get in Touch’ form or contact them direct at:

The JGW Group
1801 Robert Fulton Drive; Suite 400
United States of America

Tel: 703-547-6270 Ext 220

    • Security Rated Fencing

      Security Rated Fencing

      The ultimate protection for secure units, high-security facilities, and other high-risk buildings. With increased durability and protection. Our range includes fencing that is anti-climb, limited visibility, twin panelled, and in-ground installed. Our security rated fencing range has a solution for every environment that requires the highest level of protection.

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    • GRP Fencing

      GRP Fencing

      Our GRP Fencing from CLD Fencing Systems is the next evolution in Frangible Radio Transparent or Non Conductive Fencing and Railings. Designed and manufactured in compliance with UNI EN 294 and UNI EN 811 standards.GRP Fencing, GRP Railings and GRP Gates are perfect for Airports, Chemical Plants, Oil and Gas and Electrical Sites where non conductive GRP Fencing is required. With the added Frangibility of the system they can be used as effective airport perimeter fencing at designated over shoot sites.

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    • Sports Fencing

      Sports Fencing

      Providing a safe and secure environment at sports facilities, and schools is vital. But our sports fencing range goes beyond these environments. From velodromes, tennis courts, and sports clubs to sporting venues and MUGA (Multi-use games areas). Our fencing keeps balls in play, provides protection for spectators, and ensures security for your sporting venue.

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    • Access Control

      Access Control

      Swing, sliding and bi-folding gates to complement security fencing solutions. Offering the same level of protection for your access control area. For both temporary and permanent fencing, and suitable for a wide range of sectors and settings.

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    • On Ground & Temporary Systems

      On Ground & Temporary Systems

      For various project needs. Our on ground and temporary fencing systems coupled with our FenceSafe bases provide a physical barrier for your site. This revolutionary installation system works for projects of 6 months or 10 years. Our temporary site, security, and perimeter fencing can be easily removed and leaves no trace.

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    • Decorative Fencing

      Decorative Fencing

      Fencing that transforms a space. Both our stone and metal fencing solutions enhance public spaces, attractions, and schools. Section off areas, divide large spaces and create designated areas. Our decorative fencing can also provide privacy to spaces.

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    • Perimeter Fencing

      Perimeter Fencing

      Rigid mesh fencing systems for retail premises, car parks, public buildings, business parks, and sports stadiums. Our perimeter fencing is a hard-wearing and durable solution for many businesses and environments. With the ability to install this fencing on sloping ground.

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    • Perimeter Security Fencing

      Perimeter Security Fencing

      Ideal for sectors and businesses that require a low to medium level of security fencing. This range includes fencing that has anti-climb properties, and hidden fixings, providing that extra level of protection. Suitable for a range of sectors, from schools, and zoos, to data centres and utility buildings.

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