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Protecting Critical National Infrastructure is something that CLD Systems has been helping to do for over 50 years. Our innovative Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems offered guaranteed delay against attack. Thanks to our fencing being accredited to LPS 1175. 


Whether you’re in the Water, Gas, Electric, or Nuclear Utilities Industry, our range of permanent and temporary fencing will keep your next project secured. 

From Security-rated fencing and gates, to specially designed and manufactured Non-conductive GRP Isolation Panels and Gates for us on electric sites. Every CLD System comes backed by years of experience in providing the best utilities fencing solutions across the UK.



Utilities Fencing FAQs


How does GRP Fencing work for the Utilities Sector?


Electrical conductivity remains the number 1 risk in the Utilities and National Infrastructure sectors. So, it goes without saying that good electrical resistance is key when it comes to perimeter fencing in such environments. 


In most cases, traditional metal fencing will simply not do. In fact, GRP fencing (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is often the sought-after solution. The GRP solution offers strength and flexibility but most importantly, it boasts non-conductivity. It is frangible and offers radio transparency. GRP Fencing that we manufacture at CLD Systems is therefore crucial.


What are the requirements for Utility & National Infrastructure perimeter fencing?


All perimeter fencing installed at Utility and National Infrastructure sites must be UK Government approved. Plus, hold the appropriate security ratings. Governed by the CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure). Perimeter fencing at high-risk areas should follow a certain set of requirements, to achieve a safe work environment to: 


  • Delineating or indicating the boundary
  • Deterring any potential intruders 
  • Providing a delay to any intruders 
  • Acting as a barrier to vehicles 
  • Enabling external view through the fence line 


Whatever the environment your perimeter fencing is in, it must provide suitable security. It is recommended that perimeter fencing on Utility sites is used in conjunction with other security measures. This can include CCTV or security lighting. Where possible, there should be a limited number of access points to the site. As this minimises the points available to possible trespassers ad intruders. 

All perimeter fencing must be regularly reviewed to ensure it remains fit for purpose.


What is the importance of utility fencing?


Utility fencing is of the utmost importance for maintaining a secure environment. But it also has other benefits: 


  • Defining perimeters which identify the size of the building or site 
  • Defining access points, where authorised personnel can enter and exit the site 
  • Defining sterile zones 
  • Deterring a breach in security 
  • Detecting any suspicious activity
  • Detecting any unauthorised intruders 
  • Detecting threats early allows for the appropriate response and verification
  • Delaying intrusion for any unauthorised personnel 
  • Delaying and preventing an attack 
  • Minimising the impact of an attack 


Need more information on GRP Fencing from CLD Systems? Get in touch with our team of experts.  

One and only… 


CLD Systems are the only manufacturer in the world that offer LPS 1175 SR3 gates in both sliding and swing options to the Utility industry. 


Our range of access control systems are specifically designed to offer guaranteed delay against attack. This allows sites to create a secure environment and deploy assets and detection technology in the best locations. 


The Lockmaster SR3 is also the only ‘Panic Out Emergency Exit Gate’ to hold a delay against an attack of at least 5 minutes. Against bolt cutters, drills, and crowbar attacks. While still being able to be used as an emergency exit for high-risk areas.

Keeping the country running and safe…


The risk of ‘danger to life’ of losing or contaminated utilities, is why it is classified as one of the  ‘Critical National Infrastructures’ across the UK. For over 50 years, CLD Systems has helped utility sites to remain secure and running. 


The main four Utilities: Gas, Electric, Water, and Nuclear have all benefited from being protected by products supplied by CLD Systems. With our LPS 1175 Utilities fencing and gates. However, as the world changes to renewable sources of energy, we have developed new systems to provide the right level of protection. 


We design fencing systems to protect utility sites. Our fencing ranges from Solar to Hydraulic Fracturing, and designing these requires working alongside our clients, security consultants, and contractors. This ensures that the right level of protection is provided. However, it isn’t just the big four utility sectors that we offer our security fencing. We can provide security fencing to sectors such as the railway and ports.

Fencing and Gate Systems

  • LPS1175 SR1 Rigid Mesh Fencing

  • LPS1175 SR2 Rigid Mesh Fencing

  • LPS1175 SR1 Cantilever Sliding Gate

  • LPS1175 SR2 Cantilever Sliding Gate

  • LPS1175 SR3 Cantilever Sliding Gate

  • LPS1175 SR2 Swing Gate

  • LPS1175 SR3 Panic Out Emergency Swing Gate

  • Non Conductive GRP Mesh Fencing

  • Non Conductive GRP Swing Gate

  • Non Conductive GRP Railings

The Latest in Non-conductive fencing 


Electric and metal are two things that shouldn’t be mixed. That’s why we developed our range of GRP Non-conductive utility fencing, railings, and gates. Our systems are manufactured to meet the requirements governing heat, cold, and moisture. They go through induced aging tests as fixed by UNI EN ISO 9124/04 standard, plus exposition to UV rays as fixed by ASTM G154-06. Because of this, you can be sure that your utility fencing will provide maximum passive safety for years to come.

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