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From China to Manchester, our range of sports fencing offers the latest in protection. We provide fencing for sports pitches, football pitches, cycle tracks, and MUGA pitches. We had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing sports fencing for the likes of Century Park in Shanghai. As well as Manchester City Training Academy. In fact, half of the Premier League training centers in the UK benefit from CLD Systems fencing. 


But it isn’t just Premier League football clubs we work with. The vast majority of MUGA pitches within schools, local clubs, and recreational grounds across the UK also benefit from the same level of sports fencing as these national clubs. 

If you are working on a Sports England Bid for MUGA fencing, our team of experts will work with you to design a system that offers safety and security for your project.



Sports Fencing FAQs


What’s the Importance of Sports/Spectator Fencing?


Having appropriate sports fencing is incredibly important for numerous reasons. It ensures that trespassers cannot easily access your sports facilities and pitches, areas, and fields. Plus, fencing dramatically reduces the risk of damage. In addition, our fencing provides safety for sports people and players, as well as for spectators. 

Proper spectator fencing must be strong enough, whilst providing a clear view of the sports event. At CLD Sytems, we offer both standard and rebound twin wire mesh systems which ensure safety and good visibility. Available in a range of heights, to suit the needs of the site. We manufacture everything from fencing and gates to privacy screens and pitch dividers. 


How will my site benefit from Sports Fencing?


There are numerous benefits to opting for a new sports fencing system, these include: 

  • Added premise security, which helps to reduce the likelihood of a breach of security 
  • Added security for players, athletes, and spectators. Keeping groups of individuals safe, and contained, and keeping them safe from external sources 
  • Improved aesthetics from attractive security fencing helps to avoid non-aesthetically pleasing sports venues. With fencing designed and manufactured to fit in with branding or style for a client.  

Not just MUGA Fencing…


Over the past years, CLD Systems has worked alongside a number of organisations to create a Velodrome fencing system. This offers safety and security for track users and spectators.

Our range of Velodrome Safety Fencing has been designed and manufactured to meet UCI Cycling Regulations, Sports England Guidance, and British Cycling.

A number of high-profile outdoor velodromes such as Halesowen, Preston Park, York Sports, and Palmer Park all feature our latest edition of the CLD Systems sports fencing.

World Class Sports Fencing


Whether your next opponent is a Premier League club or a local team, our MUGA fencing will be world-class. No thanks to our range of sports fencing systems. With standard and rebound twin wire mesh systems, you can create custom-designed fencing that meets your requirements.

From tennis to basketball, whatever sports events your venue hosts, we have a solution for you. In addition, our sports rail spectator railing system can be used for a host of sports venues, such as football and rugby.


With heights up to 6m in mesh fencing and up to 10m in Ball stop netting, we can manufacture and supply the fencing required for your venue. We also supply full turnkey solutions, including gates, privacy screens, pitch dividers, and basketball hoops. All of which can be built into your fencing design.

If it is supply and installation you require, we have a network of over 120 Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) members. These are on hand to quote you on your next sports project.


Fencing and Gate Systems

  • Double Wire Rigid Mesh Sport Fencing

  • Double Wire Rebound Rigid Mesh Sport Fencing

  • Spectator Fencing

  • MUGA Fencing Systems

  • Ball Stop Netting

  • Privacy Sport Fencing

  • Velodrome Safety Fencing

  • Stadium Security Fencing

  • Temporary Event Fencing

  • Swing Gates

  • Bi Folding Trackless Gates

Sports pitches anywhere 


If space is an issue for your sporting event, and you require extra pitches then choose FenceSafe Dulok-Lite.

This zero-ground strike option allows you to set up a new pitch space in a day, for even the biggest of competitions.


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