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Over the past 20 years, CLD Systems has driven the protection of children and people in schools. We have consistently advanced our security fencing and gate systems to ensure the safety of educational establishments. Designing and manufacturing new and groundbreaking fencing systems. CLD continues to raise the standards of school security fencing across the United Kingdom, and globally.


Aesthetic yet Secure

Gone are the days when school fencing could only be green or black! Having a bright and colourful fencing creates a warm and welcoming space for you students, whilst keeping them safe. Our secure fencing solutions can be powder coated in a full range of RAL Colours.





ROSPA-approved Railings

Our Flexa-Rail railing systems feature the 'play safe' ROSPA-approved bow top railings. Making it ideal for use in
children's play areas and as playground fencing. But for the best in permanent school fencing protection, our profiled Ultimate fencing offers a hard-wearing and vandal-resistant perimeter.

NaCTSO has published its latest updates on Guidance for Crowded Places, and in addition how school fencing may need to offer cover from view. In these circumstances, CLD Systems can offer a range of security screening options.

However, we've gone further than steel mesh. Thanks to investment in CNC machinery at our Cheshire manufacturing plant, we have been able to lead the way in laser-cut fencing with our DecoFence range. We're able to create decorative fencing scenes from complex patterns. Whether this is from a child's hand-drawn design or a specific pattern. CLD Systems can create one-of-a-kind school fencing and gate systems which offer protection and safety.

  • Decorative Metal Fence Panels


    Decorative Metal Fence Panels

    Imagination has no limits, so we will take whatever intricate shapes and designs you desire,...
  • Double Wire Mesh Fencing


    Double Wire Mesh Fencing System

    Dulok is the original double wire mesh fencing system made from 8mm horizontal wires either...
  • Dulok lite

    Dulok Lite

    Commercial Fencing Twin Wire Mesh

    The perfect example of a true multi-use fencing system, the Dulok-Lite double wire panel system...
  • Wave Top Fencing

    Dulok WaveTop

    Double Wire Panel System with Decorative Top

    Dulok is a highly versatile mesh fencing system, which offers an aesthetic and cost effective...
  • Eclipse


    V Mesh Profiled Fencing System

    CLD Eclipse is a versatile perimeter fencing system that provides an affordable and visually...
  • Welded Mesh Fencing


    Welded Mesh Fencing Profiled System

    CLD Exempla profiled panel system offers an aesthetically pleasing fencing solution whilst...
  • Metal Railings


    Vertical Bar Metal Railings

    An ever popular choice for schools and children’s playgrounds, our FlexaRail system is...
  • sustainable and secure hoarding


    Secure & Sustainable Hoarding System

    HoardSafe is CLD’s range of sustainable and secure hoarding. Manufactured from composite...
  • Swing Gate


    Single & double leaf swing gate system

    Every fence line needs at least one gate to allow for the safe passage of people and vehicles,...
  • Fast turnaround gates

    LockMaster Go

    Fast turnaround gates

    CLD’s LockMaster Go fast turnaround gates have been specially developed to reduce the traditional...
  • paladin style fencing


    Paladin Style Variable Mesh Fencing System

    MultiPlus is a classic paladin style fencing system with a variable mesh apertures, creating...
  • RoTop

    Playground Fence Mesh System

    There are times when fencing needs to be as practical and hard wearing as it is attractive,...
  • open mesh fencing


    Open Mesh Fencing System

    CLD Safeogril offers inbuilt security features with an architecturally pleasing boundary. Safeogril’s...
  • Sliding Gate


    Sliding Gate, Single Leaf and Double Leaf Cantilever

    Ideal for everyday access needs, our base model SlideMaster cantilever sliding gate offers...
  • speed gate


    Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gates

    To maintain the protection of their perimeter, high level security premises need a speed gate...
  • Spectator Rail


    Spectator Rail and Velodrome Fencing

    Spectator sports require an appropriate barrier between the crowd and the field of play. Our...
  • StoneFence

    Gabion Wall Natural Stone Fencing System

    Embrace your environmental side with our incredibly stylish StoneFence decorative gabion wall....
  • Ultimate

    Profiled wire mesh panel system

    Ultimate is the wire mesh fence that provides versatile protection as perimeter fencing for...

Education & Schools FAQs

Installing fencing in educational environments serves multiple purposes. These include enhancing security, defining boundaries, and ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors. Fencing also helps prevent unauthorised access and provides a controlled environment for learning.

There are numerous types of school fencing, and each is designed with a specific use in mind. Every environment has factors that should also be considered, including the location of the school. plus, the local environment, the crime rate, and the age of the children. Our range of security fencing options is suitable for nurseries, primary schools, and secondary schools. plus, college and university campuses. Alongside the above factors, it must be considered whether your school premises has a public right of way.

Risk assessments should also state whether a high level of security access is required depending on the school environment and needs.


CLD Systems school fencing options:


Available in a variety of heights, our fencing is suitable for boundary demarcation as well as security fencing for high-risk areas.

School fencing comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Enhanced school image. Whether you’re opting for a classic green, a modern black, or incorporating your school colours into your perimeter fencing, this can refresh and drastically improve the image of your school, whether this is for a public school or private school.
  • Increased safety measures. For children, staff, and the premises itself. Fencing provides a safety measure that is both a physical and visual deterrent. Typically, a school with appropriate fencing is less likely to suffer a breach of security, as well as help to keep children and staff safe within the boundary.
  • Easy maintenance. As well as being practical, it’s straightforward to maintain and requires minimum upkeep.
  • Added peace of mind. It’s very likely that parents will look for a learning environment where they feel their child is safe and secure. Fencing can help to provide this overall image.

At CLD Systems, we have a range of school fencing, some are more suitable for perimeters of schools and some are better for a playground environment.

A popular choice for children’s playgrounds is our FlexaRail fencing system. This vertical metal bar railing system provides safety for perimeters, as well as acts as an effective way to separate areas. The standard bow top is compliant with the ROSPA, for use around play areas. Plus, this product is available in RAL colours and can be supplied at 900mm, to a height of up to 2400mm. There is no need to worry about uneven surfaces, as our FlexaRail fencing follows ground contours, meaning there is no need for stepping.

Our Dulok Wavetop is another popular choice for playground fencing. The versatile mesh fencing system is both aesthetic and cost-effective, for environments where visibility is required, as well as defining a clear boundary. Twin 8mm horizontal wires, on either side of the 6mm vertical wire, known as 868 fencing, slow down potential intruders into various environments, including children’s play areas. Whilst the wave top effect to the fencing keeps the fencing aesthetic for a school or campus.

Yes absolutely. We provide various fencing options, each of which has its own unique features and security benefits. However, each of these can be customised to match the school’s aesthetic preferences., as many of our fencing options are available in a range of RAL colours. FlexaRail fencing, for example, comes in various heights, widths and colours that can blend seamlessly with the educational environment.

Yes, if visibility is a concern, we have options for more private fencing options. These fencing panels can have varying levels of visibility, meaning you can choose how visible specific areas are. For example, our DecoFence offers higher levels of privacy if required, whilst still remaining aesthetically pleasing. Whereas our Dulok Screen Fence, offers much higher levels of privacy, with a fencing system that guarantees the visibility of your premises will be restricted. These options strike a balance between security and maintaining an open atmosphere.

In 2016 we launched our first temporary fencing system. This uses the same rigid mesh panels and posts which are used in our permanent fencing solutions. This temporary fencing is used for corporate events, construction sites, and in schools. Providing a reliable, safe, and secure temporary solution, with zero ground strike.

Yes, we offer fencing solutions tailored for outdoor sports facilities commonly found in schools. These can include football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, race tracks and various sports. These solutions help define the playing area and prevent balls from going out of bounds. As well as support in keeping children and staff safe within school grounds.

Absolutely. In most circumstances, fencing systems require an access control or gate system. This allows authorised personnel to access the site. Whether on foot or in a vehicle. These access control systems can be integrated into your school’s fencing solution. These systems enhance security by regulating who enters and exits the campus.

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, often referred to as OFSTED states that as a governing body, they have no ‘particular expectations’ for the measures a school takes to reduce risk and improve site security. As long as the safety of the premises, staff, and children is regarded at all times.

Information surrounding the ‘official regulations’ on school perimeter fencing and school security is sparse. However, the general consensus is that school fencing is employed, based entirely on the particular circumstances of the school.

For example, if a school is located on the main road which has heavy footfall, fencing could reduce risk, and in turn, the likelihood of a breach of security. Whereas a school in the countryside may require fewer fencing systems. Smaller fences or alternative boundaries could serve the same purpose for that specific school.

There are no hard and fast laws around specifications for school fencing. The height of your education site’s fencing should depend on the circumstances of your school. The DoE offers brief advice on important areas of a school that should be considered when installing perimeter fencing. This includes having ‘effective physical security measures, but the fine details are not defined.

We would suggest considering factors such as the local area, risk factors, and location. These will help in determining what fencing your school could benefit from.

Alternatively, get in touch with our team of experts, for advice on how our education fencing can meet your particular needs and requirements.

It’s important to consider the below aspects when determining how long your installation process will last.

  • Distance. How much fencing is required? This will of course affect the installation time.
  • Height. How tall do you require your school fencing to be? The taller the fencing, usually the longer the installation time.
  • Type of fencing. Depending on your requirements, different types of fencing will have different installation times.

Other considerations such as stepping, or custom designs will naturally take longer during the planning and design stages. We would always recommend discussing your specific needs and preferences with a member of the CLD team to find the best fit for your school.

The cost of a school fencing system differs depending on the type, height, and distance of fencing required. At CLD Systems, we’re proud to offer fencing for a wide range of budgets. Ensuring that your specific needs are met, for the best price. Our fencing ranges from standard V-mesh to high-security solutions. Enabling us to meet a wide range of uses and school environments.

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