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Protecting People in Public Places

Temporary Security Fencing to Protect the Public

CLD Systems offers flexible and adaptable permanent and temporary fencing and gates. Providing a reliable solution for events, and in environments where there is a large footfall.

Security is a huge consideration for various businesses and facilities around the world and fencing can protect people in:

  • Public areas
  • Car parks
  • Crowds
  • Public spaces
  • Festivals
  • Public parks
  • City centres

CLD Physical Security Systems provides a wide range of aesthetically pleasing, and high-security fencing solutions. Each is ideal for creating boundaries in various environments and public settings. Whether the purpose of the fencing is to keep crowds separate, guide traffic, protect the public, or to generally separate areas. Many of our fencing and gate solutions can be implemented permanently or temporarily.

Careful planning and security precautions can help to mitigate the impact that potential threats can have. Ensuring that public spaces are safe, secure, as well as welcoming and attractive.

Our public fencing solutions include permanent and temporary fencing, gates, barrier and HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation).

CLD Systems' provide venue and event fencing for permanent and temporary installation. Including via our innovative FenceSafe Bases. These allow for the deployment of a temporary perimeter, which is secure, durable and stable. FenceSafe Bases also work exceptionally well for security-rated fences. Meaning our perimeter fencing can be installed and leaves no trace when removed.

Our FenceSafe Base, as a foundation-free system, is manufactured from 100% Recycled MDPE. When FenceSafe Bases are matched with mesh fencing panels, that contains at least 90% recycled British and European steel and you will have one of the most sustainable systems in the marketplace.

  • Welded Mesh Fencing


    Welded Mesh Fencing Profiled System

    CLD Exempla profiled panel system offers an aesthetically pleasing fencing solution whilst...
  • Eclipse


    V Mesh Profiled Fencing System

    CLD Eclipse is a versatile perimeter fencing system that provides an affordable and visually...
  • Temporary Physical Security

    FenceSafe Base

    Temporary Physical Security Base

    We’ve revolutionised the temporary fencing industry to bring you all the choice, and protection,...
  • Site Fencing

    FenceSafe Dulok Lite

    On-ground/temporary multi-purpose double wire panel system

    FenceSafe Dulok Lite offers a traditional general purpose wire fenceline in an on-ground, temporary...
  • Temporary Physical Security

    FenceSafe Eclipse

    On-ground/temporary v-mesh profiled rigid mesh panel

    CLD FenceSafe Eclipse is the next generation in temporary event fencing, offering all the aspects...
  • Temporary Pulse Fencing


    Temporary Monitored Pulse Fencing

    Two of the biggest names in Physical Perimeter Security have come together for the first time...
  • sustainable and secure hoarding


    Secure & Sustainable Hoarding System

    HoardSafe is CLD’s range of sustainable and secure hoarding. Manufactured from composite...
  • ModSec Base

    Modular Physical Security System

    MODSEC is a revolution in physical security. The first modular physcial security system that...
  • open mesh fencing


    Open Mesh Fencing System

    CLD Safeogril offers inbuilt security features with an architecturally pleasing boundary. Safeogril’s...
  • Railing Fence


    Railing Fence System

    Keeping up with the modernity of the many new build structures in urban areas can be challenging....
  • Rampart 30

    Multi-threat Security Fence to LPS 1175 A1, B3, C5 or D10 (SR1, SR2, SR3 or SR4) and PAS 68:2010

    Rampart 30 takes multi-threat protection to a new level for the highest security sites. It...
  • Rampart 50

    Multi-threat Security Fence to LPS 1175 A1, B3, C5 or D10 (SR1, SR2, SR3 or SR4) and HVM to IWA 14-1:2013

    Rampart 50 takes multi-threat protection to a new level for the highest security sites. It...

Protecting People in Public Places FAQs

Temporary fencing is imperative in areas where interim security measures are required. However, it must be easy to install, and move, whilst being easy enough to take down, but also acting as a physical security barrier. As well as acting as a visual deterrent, just as a permanent counterpart would do. Temporary fencing is a cost-effective way of creating physical barriers to create ‘sections’ or ‘areas’ on a site, as well as protecting the perimeter of a site.

Any kind of temporary fencing must meet certain requirements that ensure it is safe and fit for purpose. Our fencing conforms to BS EN:1991 for wind loading and BS 1772 Part 14 for crowd loading to 800n.

On ground and temporary fencing systems are available to suit a wide variety of environments. They offer the same level f safety and security as a permanent installation but leave no trace. Meaning, once removed, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was once there.

Our on ground and temporary range varies from general purpose up to high security, including Profiled, Twin Wire, and 358 Mesh. Our high-security foundation-free fencing is tested and certified to LPS 1175 security ratings.

Our on ground and temporary systems use the same mesh panels as permanent options but with a zero-ground strike installation system. It guarantees the same level of security as its permanent counterpart. But, rather uses pre-assembled modular units and it is compatible as a pulse fence if needed to deter any potential security risks.

Use of our FenceSafe patented cantilever base, which can be weighted down using loose or bagged ballast of up to 200kg. Allowing our foundation-free fencing to remain in place for as long as is required. Tubs are weighted down to comply with wind loading standards and each tub is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

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