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Business parks, commercial offices, logistic and distribution centres, warehouses and manufacturing sites have a range of challenges which require physical security solutions, whether during the construction or operational phase of the site.

CLD Systems has a range of physical security systems which can support the many various needs of business premises including:

- Reducing theft
- Stopping vandalism
- Controlling traffic flow
- Managing pedestrian access
- Machinery guarding
- Guarding dangerous spaces
- Secure storage locations
- Managing health and safety

  • Dulok lite

    Dulok Lite

    Commercial Fencing Twin Wire Mesh

    The perfect example of a true multi-use fencing system, the Dulok-Lite double wire panel system...
  • twin wire LPS 1175 A1

    Dulok S1

    Security Rated Double Wire Panel System

    CLD Dulok S1 is designed from weld mesh twin wire LPS 1175 A1 panels, heavy duty 8mm wires...
  • Security Rated Double Wire

    Dulok 25 S1

    Security Rated Double Wire Panel System

    The Dulok 25 S1 security rated double wire fencing system features twin 8mm horizontal wires...
  • Welded Mesh Fencing


    Welded Mesh Fencing Profiled System

    CLD Exempla profiled panel system offers an aesthetically pleasing fencing solution whilst...
  • Swing Gate


    Single & double leaf swing gate system

    Every fence line needs at least one gate to allow for the safe passage of people and vehicles,...
  • S1 Swing Gate

    LockMaster S1

    LPS 1175 S1 Security Rated Swing Gates

    CLD’s LockMaster S1 swing gates have been specially developed to blend in seamlessly with...
  • paladin style fencing


    Paladin Style Variable Mesh Fencing System

    MultiPlus is a classic paladin style fencing system with a variable mesh apertures, creating...
  • open mesh fencing


    Open Mesh Fencing System

    CLD Safeogril offers inbuilt security features with an architecturally pleasing boundary. Safeogril’s...
  • Louvred Fence Panels


    Louvred Fence Panels System

    Designed to limit the visibility of premises whilst preventing intrusion, CLD Screenogril system...
  • Securus

    358 Rigid Mesh Security Fencing System

    Securus is CLD’s range of specialist security fencing. Traditionally referred to as prison...
  • Sliding Gate


    Sliding Gate, Single Leaf and Double Leaf Cantilever

    Ideal for everyday access needs, our base model SlideMaster cantilever sliding gate offers...
  • Ultimate

    Profiled wire mesh panel system

    Ultimate is the wire mesh fence that provides versatile protection as perimeter fencing for...
  • Vizogril

    Steel Grating Fencing System

    Vizogril is a high quality steel grating fencing system. Modern and renowned for its stability,...

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