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Keeping Sites Secure…


As a Temporary Works Coordinator, making sure your site is safe and secure can be a difficult choice between hoarding or heras style fencing systems. This is why we designed FenceSafe, a Revolution in Temporary Fencing.


Designed to offer you the same security and safety as a pemenant mesh fencing system, it offers zero ground strike with no external trip hazard. The system has been designed in accordance with guidance from the TWf (Temporary Works Forum) and complies to BS EN 1991 for wind loading and BS 1772 Part 14 for Crowd Loading to 800n.



Frequently Asked Questions…


What’s the Importance of Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing is imperative in areas where interim security measures are required. Easy to erect, move and take down, but offering the same visual deterrent and security as its permanent counterpart, temporary fencing is a cost-effective way of creating different sections or “areas” on site.
What is the British Standard for Temporary Fencing Systems?

Any temporary fencing you opt for must meet certain requirements which will ensure it is safe and fit for purpose.
Our temporary fencing conforms to the BS EN:1991 for wind loading and the BS 1772 Part 14 for crowd loading to 800n.
To find our more, don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0333 254 1761.
What Types of Foundation Free Systems do we supply?

There are a wide range of foundation free systems available, to suit a variety of needs and environments.
Our Foundation Free Range varies from general purpose up to high security, including Profiled, Twin Wire and 358 Mesh. Our high security foundation free fencing is tested and certified to LPS 1175 security ratings.
How is CLDs Foundation Free Fencing Different from Others on the Market?

Our foundation free systems use the same mesh panels as permanent options but with a zero-ground strike installation system. It guarantees the same level of security but uses pre-assembled modular units and it is compatible as a pulse fence if needed to deter from any potential security risks.
Use of our FenceSafe patented cantilever base, which can be weighted down using loose or bagged ballast of up to 200kg, allow our foundation free fencing to remain in place for as long as is required. Tubs are weighted down to comply with wind loading standards and each tub is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

The three cornerstones of temporary fencing…

When we designed our Foundation Free systems we wanted an innovative fencing system that addressed many of the concerns of existing foundation free systems. This is why we built the system around the Three cornerstones of Foundation Free Systems…

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Sustainability

By using the same rigid mesh and posts as our permanent range of mesh panels and hoarding, you are guaranteed the same level of security. With a minimum wire nominal of 4mm on our anti-climb temporary mesh panels and 5mm on our Profiled and Twin Wire Mesh systems, this is almost double the industry standard.

If using our FenceSafe bases to create a foundation free system, all are manufactured from 100% Recycled MDPE and are matched with a mesh panel that contains at least 90% recycled British and European Steel. Making it one of the greenest systems on the marketplace.

Foundation free systems Features:

  • Long-lasting quality systems for the duration of your project

  • Quick and easy to assemble and install

  • Available in profiled, double wire & 358 mesh and hoarding options

  • All the choice of a fixed fence in a self supporting, foundation free system

  • CLDs foundation free range can be converted into permanent fence lines if required at the end of a project

  • Foundation free access control and gates are available to match fence line

  • Looking for high security? We offer an LPS 1175 certified system & a monitored pulse solution

Protecting your event…

If your next event requires a higher level of security for its temporary perimeter then CLD has a system for you.

Offering the same protection as a permanent system, it provides increased demarcation compared to systems such as crowd barriers or heras fencing. Control of entry can be covered by manned fence breaks, unmanned turnstiles, temporary swing gates and sliding gates.

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