Secure Construction Site Fencing

CLD Systems is your trusted partner in providing high-quality construction fencing solutions. 

At CLD Physical Security Systems, we take pride in offering top-of-the-line construction site fencing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects. Our business has years of experience and a commitment to quality in providing security fencing and gates for businesses across the world. Making us a trusted partner for securing, protecting and enhancing construction sites.

  • Double Wire Mesh Fencing


    Double Wire Mesh Fencing System

    Dulok is the original double wire mesh fencing system made from 8mm horizontal wires either...
  • Dulok lite

    Dulok Lite

    Commercial Fencing Twin Wire Mesh

    The perfect example of a true multi-use fencing system, the Dulok-Lite double wire panel system...
  • Eclipse


    V Mesh Profiled Fencing System

    CLD Eclipse is a versatile perimeter fencing system that provides an affordable and visually...
  • Welded Mesh Fencing


    Welded Mesh Fencing Profiled System

    CLD Exempla profiled panel system offers an aesthetically pleasing fencing solution whilst...
  • Site Fencing

    FenceSafe Dulok Lite

    On-ground/temporary multi-purpose double wire panel system

    FenceSafe Dulok Lite offers a traditional general purpose wire fenceline in an on-ground, temporary...
  • Temporary Physical Security

    FenceSafe Eclipse

    On-ground/temporary v-mesh profiled rigid mesh panel

    CLD FenceSafe Eclipse is the next generation in temporary event fencing, offering all the aspects...
  • Metal Railings


    Vertical Bar Metal Railings

    An ever popular choice for schools and children’s playgrounds, our FlexaRail system is...
  • sustainable and secure hoarding


    Secure & Sustainable Hoarding System

    HoardSafe is CLD’s range of sustainable and secure hoarding. Manufactured from composite...
  • HoardSafe

    HoardSafe S1

    Site Security Hoarding to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) Issue 8

    HoardSafe S1 offers a security rated perimeter with all the benefits of a hoard system. Manufactured...
  • Swing Gate


    Single & double leaf swing gate system

    Every fence line needs at least one gate to allow for the safe passage of people and vehicles,...
  • Fast turnaround gates

    LockMaster Go

    Fast turnaround gates

    CLD’s LockMaster Go fast turnaround gates have been specially developed to reduce the traditional...
  • paladin style fencing


    Paladin Style Variable Mesh Fencing System

    MultiPlus is a classic paladin style fencing system with a variable mesh apertures, creating...
  • RoTop

    Playground Fence Mesh System

    There are times when fencing needs to be as practical and hard wearing as it is attractive,...
  • open mesh fencing


    Open Mesh Fencing System

    CLD Safeogril offers inbuilt security features with an architecturally pleasing boundary. Safeogril’s...
  • Louvred Fence Panels


    Louvred Fence Panels System

    Designed to limit the visibility of premises whilst preventing intrusion, CLD Screenogril system...
  • Railing Fence


    Railing Fence System

    Keeping up with the modernity of the many new build structures in urban areas can be challenging....
  • StoneFence

    Gabion Wall Natural Stone Fencing System

    Embrace your environmental side with our incredibly stylish StoneFence decorative gabion wall....
  • Vizogril

    Steel Grating Fencing System

    Vizogril is a high quality steel grating fencing system. Modern and renowned for its stability,...

Construction FAQs

Unparalleled expertise: CLD has an experienced team of professionals. Each has an in-depth understanding of the construction industry’s specific requirements when it comes to securing sites. Our expertise enables our designers to come up with innovative fencing solutions that guarantee safety and security. 

High-quality fencing products: We never compromise on the quality of our products. Our construction site fencing options are always made using premium materials. This ensures durability and longevity even in the harshest weather conditions. 

Customised solutions: CLD recognises that each construction site is unique and faces its own challenges. Therefore, a one size fits all approach doesn’t cut it. Our team works closely with your team to understand your project’s specific needs and deliver tailor-made fencing solutions. 

Safety and security: Construction sites are prone to various risks. Therefore safety is paramount. Our fencing solutions are designed to create a secure environment and secure perimeter. Protecting your site from unauthorised access, vandalism and theft. Minimising potential hazards and liability. 

Compliance and regulations: We stay up to date with local and industry regulations. This ensures that different construction fencing options meet all necessary safety and compliance standards. Rest assured, your project will be in full compliance with relevant guidelines.

CLD Systems provides a comprehensive range of fencing for construction sites. Our range of fencing and gates cater to various project environments and locations. Our offerings include temporary fencing, perimeter fencing, pedestrian barriers, access control, privacy fencing and mesh fencing.

Our temporary fencing solutions are ideal for both short-term and long-term projects. An ideal solution for creating a safe and secure construction site whilst a building or construction is being built. Our fencing and gates are easy to install and relocate. Therefore providing a flexible and versatile solution to creating a robust barrier to control access and provide safety. 

Our fencing options are designed to provide quick and efficient site demarcation and security. Our temporary fencing is also ideal for evolving alongside your project. As you enter the different stages of construction, our fencing can be utilised and changed to suit the evolving needs of security fencing. Despite their portability, they offer a robust barrier that helps control access to your construction site and keeps unauthorised personnel and potential hazards at bay.

The durable materials used in our fencing and gates ensure that they can withstand the rigours of outdoor conditions. All whilst maintaining structural integrity. Whether you need to secure a construction site or protect a temporary work zone, our temporary construction fencing offers the flexibility and reliability you need for short-term projects.

We understand that construction projects have varying durations. To cater to your specific needs we offer the convenient option of renting or hiring construction fencing. Renting our high-quality construction fencing provides you with a cost-effective and flexible solution, especially for short-term projects. Whether you need temporary fencing for a few days or several months, our rental service allows you to access top-notch fencing products without the need for a long-term commitment.

Our rental periods for temporary fencing are flexible and can be decided to accommodate your project’s specific duration and needs. Whether you need fencing for a few weeks, months or years. Long or short-term fencing is possible with CLD. We can tailor your rental period to meet your requirements.

Absolutely! We always prioritise safety and compliance. As the safety and security of any business are of the utmost importance, security fencing acts as the first line of defence. We ensure that all our construction site fencing solutions meet relevant safety and industry regulations. You can trust that our fencing products are designed to enhance the security and safety of your construction site while adhering to the necessary guidelines.

Yes, definitely! We understand that each construction site is unique, and one-size-fits-all solutions do not always work. Our team of experts at CLD work closely with project managers and construction site managers to understand the needs of your project. Offering customised fencing solutions for your project.

Yes, we offer a few options for access control. These include turnstiles and gates, offering an added layer of security, allowing only authorised personnel to enter restricted areas.

You can either purchase or rent fencing from CLD Systems and arrange installation via one of our trusted installation partners. Or, you can choose to install the fencing utilising your own team. Our installation partners ensure that fencing is installed securely and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind throughout your project.

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing fencing that is durable and withstands the test of time. Our fencing is produced using premium materials and each unit undergoes rigorous quality checks and testing.

Using construction site fencing offers numerous benefits, including enhanced security, reduced liability, and controlled access. Plus, better organisation of work areas, protection from theft and vandalism, and compliance with safety regulations.

For sure! Our temporary construction fencing and pedestrian barriers can be used in various locations, environments and for different purposes. CLD System’s fencing range is versatile and can be used for crowd control and for events. They provide a secure and safe perimeter, organising and managing foot traffic effectively.

Whilst our construction site fencing solutions are primarily designed for construction projects, they can be applied to various other applications. These can include outdoor events, concerts, festivals and public gatherings that require crowd control and some kind of security measures.

Getting a quote from CLD Systems is easy. You can get a quote from our team by filling out a contact form, calling us on 01270 764751, or email us at We’ll provide you with a competitive quote based on your specific needs.

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