Paladin Fencing Wiltshire Bus Depot

Permanent Security

Wiltshire Bus Depot

Stagecoach West Swindon
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Project Overview

Stagecoach West operates and maintains 65 buses serving over 5.5 million passengers annually within the Swindon area alone.

So back in 2016; Stagecoach West relocated to a brand new £3.2million development, in order to expand their services and base depot. CLD Fencing Systems and Pembury Fencing worked together to design a fencing system that would match the requirements of Stagecoach West and their new bus depot.

Moving onto a new premises, Stagecoach needed a system that would prevent intruders from entering their property and protect their assets. The client requested bus depot fencing which would secure their fence line in order to protect their fleets. However, with it being a new development they wanted the bus depot fencing to have a modern design making it aesthetically pleasing, complementing the modern development.

Matching the specific requirements from Stagecoach, CLD Fencing Systems designed, manufactured and supplied over 200m of the Multiplus Profiled Paladin Style Variable Mesh Fencing range. This bus depot fencing offers anti-climb features thanks to its alternating mesh apertures, grouping 6 wires at 25mm centres followed by a 45mm mesh aperture. These alternating apertures, give the Multiplus range its famous ‘striped’ appearance complementing the requirements from the client for a visually pleasing fence line.

Paladin Fencing Wiltshire Bus Depot

The Brief

As Stagecoach were relocating to a brand new development, the brief was driven by their need for bus depot fencing.

  • Must offer a level of security for their property they previously didn’t have.
  • Anti-climb properties.
  • Aesthetically pleasing fence line that was modern and stylish.

Systems Used

Paladin Fencing Wiltshire Bus Depot


Offering alternating mesh apertures proving difficult to scale and preventing intruders from entering properties. The interchanging apertures, offer the client a stylish and modern ‘striped’ appearance.
Paladin Fencing Wiltshire Bus Depot

When relocating to a new development, the need for security is high on your agenda. So when we wanted to expand our base we approached CLD Systems to design, manufacture and supply us with our physical perimeter protection around the site.