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Travis Perkins Distribution Centre

Travis Perkins
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Security Fencing and Gates

Project Overview

The UK’s largest builder’s merchant, Travis Perkins, commissioned a £35 million state of the art Regional Distribution Centre in 2014.

This new 11 acre development in the North West was set to innovate and streamline their logistic processes. The new centre meant that all 150 Travis Perkins branches in the North West region would be able to promise next day delivery even if they didn’t have it in stock.

This would enable branches of all sizes to provide builders and contractors with the most comprehensive range of building materials in the industry. As well as offering customers an extended range of products and services, the site was also set to support staff training and skill set development.

The client was in need of a distribution centre fencing system designed to protect assets and machinery. However, the security fencing still needed to be aesthetically pleasing with the centre being situated in an iconic position next to the M62 motorway.

CLD Fencing Systems supplied the client with CLD’s distribution centre fencing, Eclipse-60 Profiled Fencing across the perimeter of the site. This specific system features 30mm projecting spikes, making it difficult to climb, ensuring the fencing system would provide an excellent deterrent against vandals and intruders. Alongside the security features of Eclipse-60, the profiled panels and open mesh, offers a modern aesthetic to the fence line.

The Brief

The brief for CLD Systems was set out under specific requirements from Travis Perkins, in order to design, manufacture and supply the right system for the client.

  • Provide a suitable fencing system for distribution centres that offers a relevant amount of security for the site.
  • An aesthetically pleasing fence line due to their iconic position next to the M62 motorway.

Systems Used

Security Fencing and Gates


A cost-effective system featuring 30mm projecting spikes making it difficult to scale, providing them with their security requirements. The open mesh aperture at 200 x 50mm provides an open view perimeter giving a stylish aesthetic.

When your two main requirements for your perimeter fencing, are Security and Aesthetics, CLD Fencing Systems are the manufacturers to contact. They have a wide range of products to choose from, and with them supplying samples of their system, they were able to meet our criteria for both requirements.