Barrier Netting Tottenham Hotspur

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Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Tottenham Hotspurs
Barrier Netting Tottenham Hotspur

Project Overview

Tottenham Hotspurs’ has recently moved back into their new stadium after hosting their home games at Wembley Stadium during the 4-year redevelopment of their White Hart Lane Stadium.

April 2019; saw the grand opening of this premier league football club’s £750 million brand new state-of-the-art stadium. Jumping back to 2017; Tottenham Hotspur Football Club intended to carry on their season within their original stadium whilst the North-East wing was being demolished.

This being said, the Football Association and the grounds team at Tottenham Hotspurs approached CLD Fencing Systems to design and manufacture a safety barrier system that would prevent balls entering their construction area during games.

CLD Fencing Systems Ball Stop Netting was selected by the team to create a safety barrier, securing the open construction area and ensuring there were no stoppages to play. This cost-effective netting system easily integrates with any fencing system proving extremely reliable in a variety of professional sports. CLD Systems Ball Stop Netting also comes in a variety of RAL colours providing them with a netting system that would match their Tottenham blue.

Barrier Netting Tottenham Hotspur

The Brief

When Tottenham Hotspurs started construction on their stadium, they had a number of requirements to protect the club and the fans visiting the site whilst having an open construction area.

  • Prevent balls entering the construction area and ensure there are no stoppages to play.
  • Match their Tottenham Blue colours as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing system.
  • Offer a safe and secure environment for fans and workers at the club.

Systems Used

Barrier Netting Tottenham Hotspur

Ball Stop Netting

Strong and durable netting solution which both prevents balls escaping and ensure there are no stoppages to play. These were essential properties for the Premier League Football Club whilst the construction was underway.
Ball Stop Netting
Barrier Netting Tottenham Hotspur

“With over half the Premier League Football clubs using CLD Fencing Systems Ball Stop Netting for their training facilities, we couldn’t think of a better solution to secure the construction site during games.”