On Ground & Temporary Security

5th Avenue New York City

Iconic Store on 5th Avenue New York
Protecting People in Public Places

Project Overview

Back in late 2020, America was preparing for a potential civil unrest as the Presidential Elections came to a head, specifically in big cities like New York and Washington DC.

With difference of opinions breeding civil unrest, a small percentage of the population use it as an excuse to loot stores. So, with this being said any of the high-end 5th Avenue stores situated in New York opted to board up their store fronts, windows and any possible access points to prevent such a thing. Boarding was a quick and easy way to present a barrier, however, they can be ripped down and used as barricades against the police once entered on site.

An iconic store on 5th Avenue had researched this and knew this would only prevent attack for a short period of time and wanted something that would hold up against most attackers. They opted for the FenceSafe Securus SR1 Temporary Fencing System in order to protect against potential unrest. The only Temporary Security System with a guaranteed delay against manual forced attack, holding LPS 1175 Security Rated status. This system was the perfect solution for this iconic retail store, continuing to protect the American Retail Sector for as long as it’s needed.

Through the JGW Group, the USA arm of the FenceSafe range, almost 1,000 feet of FenceSafe SR1 was deployed overnight directly into New York City. They were in need of a temporary fencing solution over the alternative boards that were being used by other retail stores. The FenceSafe SR1 was a great fit for the site, offering anti-climb features whilst holding up against forced attacks. Each panel is fitted to the post using zero external fixings clamp bars, a unique feature to FenceSafe. The FenceSafe SR1 system was a perfect match for the clients requirements and helped to control crowds and reduce any damage to their property.

The Brief

This iconic retail store had some very specific requirements for their perimeter security which included:

  • Anti-climb high security fencing system
  • Minimum of 60 seconds guaranteed delay against attack
  • LPS 1175 rated fencing
  • Offer more protection than boarding and hold up against force.

Systems Used

FenceSafe Securus SR1

CLD’s FenceSafe Securus SR1 system is the world’s first temporary LPS 1175 SR1 fencing system, offering safety, security and sustainability.
FenceSafe Securus SR1

“With a high level of knowledge and design ability; CLD Systems were able to develop a product plan that supported our security aims and objectives at each site.”

Russell Wells - Sales & Marketing Director