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Network Rail
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Project Overview

The Cruden Group (Cruden Construction) are a leading privately owned construction and maintenance contractor operating within the North West of England.

In 2017, Cruden Construction were looking to start work on their new site in Salford, Manchester. However, the perimeter of the site ran parallel with a very busy Network Rail Manchester to Liverpool line. This railway line sees over 7.6 million passengers each year making it one of the busiest lines operating in the North West.

Cruden Construction’s main challenge was to source a temporary fencing solution with permanent features whilst providing Network Rail the assurance of wind loading to prevent the fencing being blown onto the line.

Thanks to the unique design of CLD Fencing Systems FenceSafe Temporary System, the range was successfully proposed to both Cruden Construction and Network Rail. Each FenceSafe Temporary Fencing System is offered to clients with wind load calculations as standard, allowing Network Rail to approve the fencing system next to their line. CLD Fencing Systems FenceSafe was installed by Termstall Ltd and has proven to be the ideal solution and a great feature to a busy site and one that has held up against various weather conditions.

The Brief

The brief initially outlined Cruden Construction’s main challenge as their site was parallel to an active Network Rail line. With this, Network Rail conveyed their concerns and offered specific requirements for this project:

  • Temporary Fencing System with all the features of a permanent solution.
  • Withstand wind loads in harsh weather conditions, preventing any future disruption to the line.
  • Create a safe and secure perimeter around the construction site.

Systems Used

FenceSafe Eclipse

Ideal for this project as it holds all the features of a permanent system in a temporary format. This system offered the site a high level of security whilst holding BS EN 1991 for wind loading, withstanding speeds in excess of 100mph.
FenceSafe Eclipse

“When you have two clients that have very specific requirements, CLD Fencing Systems needed to design and manufacture a system that met everyone’s needs. Our Temporary Fencing System, FenceSafe was the ideal solution for both, with anti-climb features alongside a wind rated solution to BS EN 1991.”