Permanent Security

HSBC Bank Leeds

Munroe K
Commercial, Manufacturing & Logistics

Project Overview

The White Rose Office Park in Leeds; is a purpose-built 27-acre business park owned and operated by Munroe K. In 2014, they unveiled a £12m office for the global banking giant HSBC.

Utilising in-depth knowledge, that Munroe K had about their client and the local area; the project had a number of specific requirements that needed to be addressed from the start.

Architects working on the project were looking for a simple but effective security solution that needed to enclose a secure ground floor car park. The architects contacted CLD Fencing Systems to design, manufacture and supply a specific car park security fencing system that would fit within Munroe K and HSBC’s security needs.

After working through the wide range of car park security fencing systems in the CLD range, the client selected Safeogril Open Mesh Fencing for the front of the car park and Securus 358 Anti-Climb Mesh Fencing System to secure the rear. They required the front of the car park to look visually pleasing and; at the same time, fit within HSBC’s brand to complement the new offices. Alongside the aesthetics, the architects wanted the car park security fencing systems to still encompass a wide range of security features in order to keep the car park secure.

The installation was completed by Davison Fencing, a member of CLD Systems Approved Contractors, working with ourselves and the architects for the duration of the installation process.

The Brief

Security and Aesthetics were the two key areas taken from the client’s requirements for their car park security fencing. These included the following:

  • A fencing system that would provide open ventilation for the car park.
  • Additional high security fencing to the rear of the car park due to the construction of plant and control equipment compounds.
  • Anti-climb and anti-cut properties to all fencing systems.
  • Aesthetically pleasing without compromising on the inbuilt security.

Systems Used


Due to its open mesh size of 62 x 132mm, allows for excellent ventilation alongside increased visibility for CCTV cameras.


Due to its anti-climb properties in the form of 76.2 x 12.5mm mesh apertures.

When you need to complement the design of a stunning building with your physical security, CLD Fencing Systems are the manufacturers to contact. With their extensive knowledge within their industry they are able to match your requirements with their wide range of products.