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Fulham Gasworks

Fulham Gasworks
Protecting People in Public Places

Project Overview

Gas Light and Coke Company, who later became forefathers of British Gas, first occupied this site in 1824 with No.2 Gasholder, completed in 1830.

Erith Contractors got in touch with CLD Fencing Systems when the decommissioning and demolition of the world’s oldest gasholder was accepted. They required monument safety fencing for the entrance ways and around various Grade II listed memorials.

Because of the age of Fulham Gasworks, it is now home to a number of Grade II listed structures including: No.2 Gasholder, the oldest in the world; the Chief Engineer’s Office, built in 1856; a former Research Laboratory from 1927 and two War Memorials from World War 1 and 2. With these long associated historic features on site, it was essential that the monuments’ protection was the main priority when it came to installing temporary fencing and access control. The system also needed a level of site safety for their workers, with the temporary fencing holding a certain amount of security.

Thanks to the revolutionary design of CLD Fencing Systems, FenceSafe Temporary Monument Safety Fencing, and the client were able to achieve both heritage protection for the monuments and site security for their workers. CLD Fencing Systems FenceSafe system was able to offer the site a fully temporary system with all the features of our permanent solutions.

Construction site security fencing

The Brief

In order to carry out the approved multi-million pound mixed use residential-led development, National Grid needed to provide protection to the heritage monuments as well as offering a number of other features.

  • A level of site safety and security for workers
  • Protection around the heritage monuments that were on site
  • A temporary solution to be taken down after demolition

Systems Used

FenceSafe Eclipse

Offering sites and events the benefit of all the safety and security of a permanent profiled mesh fencing solution but in a temporary installation using CLD Fencing Systems patented cantilever bases.
FenceSafe Eclipse

“CLD Fencing Systems have helped us protect the heritage features and monuments that stand on the same site as the decommissioning and demolition of the famous Fulham Gasworks. We urgently needed a temporary fencing system that also held security properties and CLDs FenceSafe was the ultimate solution.”