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Project Overview

Back in 2014, CLD Systems were approached by CLA Architects to help with the design of their hospital security fencing for the Foundation Trust Hospital, Calderstones.

This trust hospital was formed to support patients with learning disabilities who required treatment and full time aftercare. They were creating a brand new secure unit and had a number of requirements for their perimeter fence line.

Taking these requirements into consideration CLD Fencing Systems were able to design and manufacture the Securus Flat Panel System to create the hospital security fencing that would meet the needs of the patients and the staff.

CLD Fencing Systems Securus Flat Panel System was selected as it features anti-climb properties thanks to its close mesh apertures of 76.2 x 12.5mm. To increase the security and offer anti-ligature into the design, CLD Fencing Systems manufactured special posts which featured their SafeTfix hidden security fixings.

Throughout the installation, CLD Fencing Systems were able to support the fencing contractors by visiting the site at optimal times of the project. With this added support the design, manufacturing and installation of the fencing system met the clients need for a fast turnaround.

The Brief

CLD Fencing Systems had to take into consideration the complex performance specifications for this project.

  • They needed to guarantee the prevention of personal damage.
  • The fence height, post details and gates had to be at a specific rating for this project to prevent climbing.

Systems Used


Naturally provides an anti-climb solution. Special posts designed which accept our SafeTfix system providing a flush face.


Designed with a continuous hinge to prevent any climbing aids and with anti-ligature properties, and locking devices.

Having a fence of this nature helps to boost the confidence of the staff. It was challenging to determine the right system for the application but CLD Fencing Systems had the experience and knowledge in working with the requirements for secure units in the healthcare sector.