Permanent Security

Brighton’s Madeira Terrace

Brighton & Hove Council
Protecting People in Public Places

Project Overview

Early in 2016; the Brighton Madeira Terrace was in need of heritage security fencing featuring anti-climb and anti-vandal properties, to protect their Victorian arches.

Since its construction in 1890; the Madeira Terrace has been a prominent tourist attraction spanning almost 850 metres of the seafront. CLD Systems were contacted to design, manufacture and supply a permanent fencing system to meet these requirements.

Over the last 125 years, the Madeira Terrace has been subject to unforgiving coastal elements and neglect, resulting in the cast iron corroding and the ever growing cracks in the concrete. This meant the terrace was no longer safe for pedestrians and so the client were in urgent need of a heritage security fencing system, which would provide safety to the public.

The product range selected for this specific project was the Securus Flat Panel Fencing System at a height of 3 metres. This range of heritage security fencing was chosen due to the anti-climb and anti-vandal properties it holds, ensuring unauthorised access is restricted from the public. However, due to corrosion and crumbling concrete, they required a high security access controlled gate solution for maintenance to be carried out on the heritage site. CLD Fencing Systems Lockmaster Swing Gate was chosen with Securus mesh panel infills to match the high security properties of the fencing system. Installation of the heritage security fencing was completed by Edburton Contractors to protect these Victorian Arches.

Although the security of the heritage security fencing system was their main requirement to keep the public safe, they also requested the heritage security fencing complemented the Brighton Blue of the Madeira Terrace. In order for CLD Fencing Systems to colour match, they produced a special mix of marine polyester powder coating, which involved two paint manufacturers to get the perfect colour.

The Brief

With the Madeira Terrace having been subject to the coastal elements over the last 125 years, the brief was driven by the clients need for heritage security fencing.

  • Offer an enhanced level of security to protect the Victorian Terrace
  • Anti-climb properties
  • Gate Solution matching the security features offered by the fencing system.
  • Complement the colours of the famous Madeira Terrace.

Systems Used


Versatile and hard-wearing line of with anti-climb properties. The Securus range is available in a number of different RAL colours in order to match the scenery.


Offers a safe passage for people and vehicles, fitting seamlessly with the fence line by using Securus infills. The Lockmaster Swing Gates are also available in a variety of RAL colours in order to complete the fence line.

It’s fantastic to be able to provide a security solution that fits in with such an iconic area of the UK. At CLD Fencing Systems, being bespoke is second nature to us and helped us to build our reputation around the globe.