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Bentley Motors Showroom

Bentley Motors
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Project Overview

At its state-of-the-art factory in Crewe, England; the precision of the present meets the passion of the past.

Bentley Motors balance advanced production technology with the skill of their traditional artisans, whose expertise with leather, metal and wood make each Bentley unique. Every car is created, not merely assembled.

The passion for quality and success runs through the whole organisation, every facet of the company must have the right look, touch, and feel. This same approach was taken with their new International Showroom CW1 House on Pyms Lane, Crewe which was successfully completed in late 2014.

CW1 House gets its distinctive name from the postal code of the Bentley Motors factory. The new design takes inspiration from the company’s 95-year history while drawing on the influences of the best in contemporary luxury. The luxurious materials which adorn every Bentley have been integrated into CW1 House. The showroom carpets are made from the same rich lamb’s wool used in Bentley’s interiors, the furniture is trimmed in Bentley leather and Mulliner areas are enveloped by contemporary solid oak panels.

The Brief

The level of finish for the new showroom is fantastic and the perimeter fencing and gates had to meet the challenging brief for aesthetics and security.

A perimeter security fence was required that would meet the following standards:

  • Profiled Rigid Mesh Panel
  • No external visible fixings
  • RAL 6005 Polyester Powder Coated
  • Clear view for CCTV surveillance
  • Guaranteed Fencing System
  • 5mm Nominal Wire
  • BS 1722 – 14 Compliant
  • Matching Swing Gates


Systems Used





Whenever we are asked for this type of fencing system or similar we always specify the ‘Exempla’ system. It offers a modern aesthetic to our projects and the clients love it.