Permanent Security Rated Fencing

Securus S1

358 rigid mesh fencing system to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) Issue 8

  • 551
  • 1333
  • 1222
  • 724
  • 1229

Securus is CLD’s range of specialist security fencing. Traditionally referred to as prison mesh or 358 mesh, the Securus range has been updated complete flexibility – the panels can be swapped out to change the security rating as the needs of the site change. Securus S1 has been certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to provide a minimum of 60 seconds delay against attack.

For further technical information, download our Q40 specification or product data sheet.


  • 358 rigid mesh fencing panel
  • Strong wire formation
  • Rolled post design
  • LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1 security rating
  • Secured by Design accredited
  • Guaranteed minimum 60 second delay against attack
  • Upgradable to LPS 1175 Issue 8 B3
  • Approved for Government Use - Contact CPNI for further information
  • Optional active anti-intruder toppings
  • Full range of RAL colours available