Permanent Security Rated Fencing

Rampart 50

Multi-threat Security Fence to LPS 1175 A1, B3, C5 or D10 (SR1, SR2, SR3 or SR4) and HVM to IWA 14-1:2013

  • 2063

Rampart 50 takes multi-threat protection to a new level for the highest security sites. It offers a high security fence system combined with shallow foundation hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM).

Rampart 50 has been tested to IWA 14-1:2013 which means it can stop a 7.5 tonne vehicle moving at 50 miles per hour (80 kilometres per hour). The system can be used with any of CLD’s Securus S1, S2, S3 or S4 fence panels depending on threat level.

For further technical information, download our Q40 specification or product datasheet.


  • Full multi-threat fencing and integrated HVM system
  • Ideal for high security sites
  • Shallow single location foundation gives a small footprint
  • Tested to equivalent of ASTM M50 (US standard)