Permanent Perimeter Fencing


Playground Fence Mesh System

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There are times when fencing needs to be as practical and hard wearing as it is attractive, and the RoTop rigid panel system is exactly that. The welded steel mesh panels with rolled top and bottom beams, acts as an ideal playground fence while providing essential rigidity and safety. For projects that require a taller fence, we can offer a double lift system that provides a “middle roll” for enhanced aesthetics. Perfect in places such as nurseries, primary schools and playgrounds, RoTop will keep its shape and remain strong despite the daily impacts of children and sporting equipment. Alternative uses include car parks, business parks and retail premises.

For further technical information, download our Q40 specification or product datasheet.


  • 150 x 50mm Wire Mesh Apertures
  • Perfect for Playground Fence Projects
  • Attractive appearance
  • Rolled top and bottom beam for rigidity and safety
  • No external fixings
  • Wide range of height options
  • RAL colours available