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  • CLD’s FenceSafe Securus SR1 system is the world’s first temporary LPS 1175 SR1 fencing system, offering safety, security and sustainability. Using our innovative foundation free cantilevered FenceSafe base, coupled with our Securus 358 mesh, this temporary LPS 1175 SR1 fencing system is guaranteed to offer at least 60 seconds delay against attack. Both the base and the Securus panels can be reused, and the panels can even be used within a permanent fence line.

    For further technical information, download our Q40 specification or product data sheet.


    • Anti-climb 358 mesh panels
    • Tested and certified to LPS 1175 SR1
    • Secure by Design accreditation
    • Overlapping panels for added security
    • Full length clamp bar with no external fixings
    • Through bolt with rear fastening
    • Additional Security Topping available
    • Foundation Free installation
    • Conforms to BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading
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    • MoD
    • Utilities
    • Airports
    • Ports
    • Compounds
    • High Security Mobile Zones
    • Crime Scenes
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  • Our FenceSafe SR1 system is galvanised and polyester powder coated in a wide range of RAL Colours. Galvanised only systems are available as well as Marine Grade finish.

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