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ModSec Base

Modular Physical Security System

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MODSEC is a revolution in physical security. The first modular physcial security system that provides a true deterrent against attack and can be installed either at on ground or in ground as a trench system. The modular design allows for installation on either flat ground or gradients. With the ability to mount any of our range of rigid mesh fencing systems, it also features an in-built channel for wires to be installed under the MODSEC. This means installation of CCTV, PIDS or other electronic detection systems can be carried out at the same time.

For further technical information, download our Q40 specification or product datasheet.


  • Modular physical security system
  • Works with a host of Fencing Systems or Solid Hoarding
  • Integrated wiring channel for easy installation of detection devices
  • Modular design allows installation on flat grounds or gradients
  • Fencing systems can be upgraded as threats change
  • Can be used as a stand alone vehicle deterrent
  • 600kg total block weight
  • MODSEC can be installed at ground level or in a trench