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  • Overview
  • Characteristics and Advantages
  • FIBREFENCE GRP GATES are available in pedestrian and vehicular styles allowing the natural completion of any FIBREFENCE fencing system. They share all GRP’s intrinsic benefits, i.e. radio transparency, frangibility, great resistance to corrosion, UV rays and weather, mechanical resistance and very limited maintenance.

    FIBREFENCE GRP GATES are extremely lightweight compared to any equivalent steel gate systems, and this makes it possible to reach very wide apertures with no need of heavy and complex supporting structures or columns. Manufactured to be used as Safety Crash Gates; in case of emergency. The FIBREFENCE GRP GATES are designed to be driven through even if they are closed, without major damage to rescue vehicles allowing prompt intervention.

    All FIBREFENCE GATES made-up of GRP profiles to create a supporting frame, housing a lightweight, strong GRP mesh, and they are completed with steel accessories such as hinges, latches and bolts.

    FIBREFENCE GRP GATE gates are available in single or double-leaf layout, with standard height up to 2.5 m and apertures up to 12 m.

    They are CE marked and UNIEN 13241- class 5 wind resistance compliant as standard.

    What are the benefits of GRP gates?
    If you need secure fencing with easy access, our GRP gates here at CLD Fencing are a brilliant choice.

    GRP boasts several advantageous properties, including:

    • Easy to assemble on site
    • High strength
    • Lightweight
    • Maintenance-free
    • Non-conductive
    • Non-magnetic
    • Quick assembly on site
    • Radio transparent

    We supply single leaf gates (up 6000mm wide) and double leaf gates (up to 12000mm wide) in pedestrian and vehicular styles.

    GRP pultruded and mesh finished, our GRP gates are available in an array of colours – no painting needed! All you need to do is calculate what size you need, pick a suitable hue for your premises, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Are GRP gates safe?
    Yes! Every boundary needs controlled access, and we pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying some of the safest and most secure GRP gates on the market.

    All of our GRP gates are CE marked and resistant to fire, corrosion, heat, and UV rays. They are manufactured to the highest standard and won’t conduct heat or electricity, hence why they are a great choice for so many industrial applications.

    We have GRP safety gates available which can be a boon for airfields in the unfortunate event of a crash. These are designed to be driven through in an emergency and ensure minimal damage to rescue vehicles.

    For extra peace of mind, we can also add anti-intrusion and monitoring systems to GRP gates.

    Where can GRP gates be used?
    Thanks to their non-conductive properties, GRP gates are used across several sectors – including trackside, substations, schools, and enclosures to name just a few.

    GRP has a dense fibre core that doesn’t corrode, rust, or degrade. It’s not damaged by water, salt, oils, or chemicals either which makes it ideal for aggressive environments and harsh conditions.

    The GRP gates we supply at CLD Fencing are manufactured to be used as safety crash gates and prove extremely popular at airports.

    Our FibreFence GRP gates can be used with FibreFence GRP mesh and the FibreFence railing systems to enhance both safety and security.

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    • Radio-transparency
    • High mechanical resistance
    • Safety Crash Gate Systems available on demand
    • Frangibility, in compliance with ICAO “Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6, 1st ed. 2006” standards
    • Resistance to corrosion
    • Resistance to heat and UV rays
    • Possibility to combine with FIBREFENCE MESH and FIBREFENCE RAILING systems
    • No need for maintenance, even in the long term
    • Design and manufacturing upon customer’s specifications
    • Possibility to motorize the gates
    • Possibility to install additional anti-intrusion and monitoring/control systems
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  • Finish
  • Dimensions
  • Downloads
  • GRP Pultruded and Mesh finished in a wide range of colours

    • Single Leaf Heights

      Up to 2500mm

    • Single Leaf Widths

      Up to 6000mm

    • Double Leaf Heights

      Up to 2500mm

    • Double Leaf Widths

      Up to 12000mm

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