decorative fencing


  • StoneFence

    Gabion Wall Natural Stone Fencing System

    Embrace your environmental side with our incredibly stylish StoneFence decorative gabion wall....
  • Wave Top Fencing

    Dulok WaveTop

    Double Wire Panel System with Decorative Top

    Dulok is a highly versatile mesh fencing system, which offers an aesthetic and cost effective...
  • Decorative Metal Fence Panels


    Decorative Metal Fence Panels

    Imagination has no limits, so we will take whatever intricate shapes and designs you desire,...

Creating beautiful and safe spaces

Decorative fencing systems offer you the ability to transform any space, section off areas, divide large spaces or create privacy. CLD can create the perfect bespoke solution specifically for your project.

From laser-cut weathered steel effect panels, creating a stunning contemporary look to our signature pencil fencing for a bright and cheerful fun fence line for a school, our range of decorative metal fence panels is only limited by one thing… your imagination.

Our range includes gabion walling in the form of StoneFence and a variety of options to create privacy screening.

Manufactured onsite at our headquarters in Cheshire we work with you to create the look you require for your project, a truly bespoke fencing system.

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