Security Rated

  • Securus S3

    358 Rigid Mesh Security Fencing System to LPS 1175 C5 (SR3) Issue 8

    Securus S3 was designed with Data Centres and other high profile sites in mind. Tested and...
  • LPS 1175 Issue 8 B3

    Securus S2

    358 Rigid Mesh Security Fencing System to LPS 1175 B3 (SR2) Issue 8

    Our Securus S2 has a reduced installation time compared to Securus AC SR2, thanks to it’s...
  • 358 Mesh Fencing

    Securus S1

    358 rigid mesh fencing system to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) Issue 8

    Securus is CLD’s range of specialist security fencing. Traditionally referred to as prison...
  • Double Skin 358 Mesh

    Securus AC SR2

    358 Rigid Mesh Security Fencing System to LPS 1175 SR2 Issue 7

    Securus AC SR2 is a double skin 358 mesh panel, attached by primary and secondary posts, with...
  • Security Rated Double Wire

    Dulok 25 S1

    Security Rated Double Wire Panel System

    The Dulok 25 S1 security rated double wire fencing system features twin 8mm horizontal wires...
  • twin wire LPS 1175 A1

    Dulok S1

    Security Rated Double Wire Panel System

    CLD Dulok S1 is designed from weld mesh twin wire LPS 1175 A1 panels, heavy duty 8mm wires...

Tested and certified protection against forced entry

In some circumstances and sectors (such as Critical National Infrastructure), only tested and certified products can be used.  Independent certification by the Loss Prevention Board (LPCB) to LPS 1175 provides confirmation that CLD’s security rated products have met the requirements of specified standards.

When your site is highly sensitive, and vulnerable to the most extreme levels of threat, CLD Systems will work with you to create a tailored specification, ensuring the appropriate level of security is achieved.

Our security rated products include fencing, gates and HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation).

You can find out more about LPS 1175 security ratings here

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