Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter Fencing

Together, we make safe

CLD has a wide selection of perimeter fencing systems, which all offer a hard-wearing and durable boundary demarcation where a standard level of security is required.

Whether your priority is visibility, anti-vandalism, quick and easy installation or enhancing the design of a site, we have solutions available. From the highly aesthetic to the cost-effective and functional, you will find a fencing system suitable for your project.

  • Vizogril

    Steel Grating Fencing System

    Vizogril is a high quality steel grating fencing system. Modern and renowned for its stability,...
  • Ultimate

    Profiled wire mesh panel system

    Ultimate is the wire mesh fence that provides versatile protection as perimeter fencing for...
  • StoneFence

    Gabion Wall Natural Stone Fencing System

    Embrace your environmental side with our incredibly stylish StoneFence decorative gabion wall....
  • Spectator Rail


    Spectator Rail and Velodrome Fencing

    Spectator sports require an appropriate barrier between the crowd and the field of play. Our...
  • Securus

    358 Rigid Mesh Security Fencing System

    Securus is CLD’s range of specialist security fencing. Traditionally referred to as prison...
  • Railing Fence


    Railing Fence System

    Keeping up with the modernity of the many new build structures in urban areas can be challenging....
  • Louvred Fence Panels


    Louvred Fence Panels System

    Designed to limit the visibility of premises whilst preventing intrusion, CLD Screenogril system...
  • open mesh fencing


    Open Mesh Fencing System

    CLD Safeogril offers inbuilt security features with an architecturally pleasing boundary. Safeogril’s...
  • RoTop

    Playground Fence Mesh System

    There are times when fencing needs to be as practical and hard wearing as it is attractive,...
  • paladin style fencing


    Paladin Style Variable Mesh Fencing System

    MultiPlus is a classic paladin style fencing system with a variable mesh apertures, creating...
  • Metal Railings


    Vertical Bar Metal Railings

    An ever popular choice for schools and children’s playgrounds, our FlexaRail system is...

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