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CLD Fencing System gives Isle Of Wight Monkey‘s a new home with CLDs Zoo Enclosure Fencing.

CLD Fencing Systems, the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates has recently completed the supply of 3 bespoke Monkey enclosures for the Isle of Wight Zoo, designed and manufactured from their own Dulok Zoo Enclosure Fencing range.

  • Using their own in-house CAD design team, CLD Fencing Systems worked from the outset at making not one but three bespoke Monkey enclosures that fitted in with the many detailed requirements of the Isle Of Wight Zoo. The enclosures entered into special fabrication at CLD Fencing Systems factory in early April and were delivered in May for installation by the specialist fencing contractor.

  • The enclosures opened in late June to rave reviews from the visiting public. The Isle of Wight Zoo, previously known as the Sandown Zoo is a sanctuary inside a fort on the coastline of Sandown, Isle of Wight. The zoo is privately owned, and the collection focuses principally on big cats and Madagascan animals. As part of the European Endangered Species Programme, the Zoo has had success breeding several species of Madagascan animals including the critically endangered black-and-white Ruffed Lemur.

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