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Wildlife Park Security – West Midland Safari Park

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West Midlands Safari Park




Zoo & Wildlife Fencing

West Midland Safari and Leisure Park is a safari park located in Bewdley in Worcestershire, England. The Park covers 80 hectares and has a 6km safari track travelling through 2 sections well known as African Plains and Wild Asia. It was opened under the name of West Midland Safari Park in spring 1973 and holds over 165 species of exotic animals, among other attractions such as a small theme park. Historically all the fencing and enclosure boundaries have been formed using chain-link mesh but as expectations on security and containment developed over the years, changes were required. The Park was recently acquired by the Looping Group a European based company who own various leisure parks across Europe, including Drayton Manor Theme Park also in the UK. With this acquisition came funds for the much-needed upgrade and replacement of perimeter and enclosure fencing.

During its time, the existing chain-link fencing has been repaired and fixed to ensure that health and safety is maintained, and all animal containment measures are adhered to. With many the repairs over the years the aesthetics of the fence was affected and started to look very patchy. Subsequently changes were made to enhance BIAZA and Zoology Standards, which included upgrades such as the introduction of anti-burrowing features, to prevent local wildlife from entering the enclosures. To solve this dilemma, West Midland Safari Park chose to replace all fencing with CLD’s suitable rigid mesh panel system over a phased programme.

West Midland Safari Park selected a bespoke version of our Exempla System throughout the park which was modified to meet all the requirements and consequently giving the animals, visitors and staff suitable protection whilst offering an appealing fence line boundary. The idea behind this design meant that in the event of any damage to the fencing, panels could be removed and replaced with ease restoring the perimeter to its appropriate security and containment level. This design allowed for any ground bury to elements to remain in place whilst the main fence panel new panels were replaced.

In certain areas, such as Lion and Tiger enclosures, West Midland Safari Park opted for the Dulok Twin wire Fencing Systems for added rigidity and safety at the same time as meeting the upgraded security standards these animals require.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems

    The fencing systems used for this project needed to comply with the relevant security standards for Zoo and Wildlife Park fencing whilst also being offering an aesthetically pleasing visual for visitors and ensuring a blend with the surrounding habitats.


    • Bespoke Exempla Fencing System; the chosen height for the solution was 2.4m, utilising the capability of a 600mm cranked extension panel and 500mm deep ground bury with a 300mm 90 degree return to prevent burrowing. This was used throughout the park depending on the species. Given its suitability and non-visible fixings for the added protection of the animals and guests.
    • Dulok Twin Wire Fencing System; Where required the specification needed changing slightly to suit the relevant animals, and so the Dulok Twin Wire was used to meet these requirements. The Cheetah enclosure needed to be increased in height to 2.6m with a 1m crank due to their agility and potential scaling capabilities. This could also be seen with the Lion and Tiger enclosures using the Dulok Twin Wire system upgrading the security to protect both animals and visitors.
  • The Brief

    The brief from West Midland Safari Park stated that the replacement for the chain-link fencing needed to hold the correct security standards whilst having the visually attractive and appealing perimeters needed for the park. The requirements include:


    • Complete perimeter rigid mesh fence line
    • Ground buries and crank tops for additional security
    • Aesthetically pleasing and visual thoroughfare for the guests
    • Panels to be easily removed and replaced for maintenance
    • Future Proofing for the site allowing upgrades easily
    • Meet all the necessary security and safety standards for Zoo and Wildlife Park fencing

“Over they years the old Chainlink fence had been breached many times and repaired, giving off a patchy image. It was also no longer deemed compliant with the necessary standards… So the decision was made to replace all fencing over time with a suitable rigid mesh panel system.”

Hugh Bennett, Account Manager for West Midland Safari Park

Benefits of using Exempla Fencing Systems:

  • 200 x 55mm welded mesh apertures
  • Attractive appearance
  • Aesthetically pleasing, effortlessly blends in with surroundings
  • Profile welded mesh fencing
  • No external fixings
  • Wide range of height options
  • Full range of RAL colours


Benefits of using Dulok Twin Wire Fencing Systems:

  • 868 and 656 double wire mesh fencing options
  • Anti-cut through panels and designed so that the animals don’t get caught in the fence line
  • Full length clamp bar
  • Sheardrive fixings
  • Wide range of height options (up to 6030mm high)
  • RAL colours available
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