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Project Background

Temporary Site Fencing – Manchester Construction Site

Client Name

Eric Wright Construction




Temporary Fencing

Eric Wright Construction are an organisation based in the North West of England, providing high quality construction services to customers for over 40 years. Back in 2017, work started on one of their new residential redevelopment projects in Manchester.

Due to services and potential contaminates running directly underneath the construction site, they were in need of a zero ground strike fencing system that still held high security properties. A member of the CLD Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) network, Wallbank Fencing put forward our FenceSafe Temporary Fencing to Brent Knox, Contracts Manager for review on this specific site.

After careful consideration, almost 70m of CLD Fencing Systems FenceSafe Eclipse Fencing System was selected with contrasting RAL colours of Goosewing Grey and Black at 1.8m high. Eric Wright Construction also paired this solution with 2 single leaf Lockmaster gates for easy passageway for workers. As the client wanted to establish a safe and secure compound even without permanent fencing, these systems supplied were ideal for the project.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems

    In order to adhere to the requirements set out by Eric Wright Construction, the following fencing system was selected:

    • FenceSafe Eclipse Temporary Fencing Systems; this solution was the ideal system for Eric Wright Construction with its patented cantilevered base meaning it was a hundred percent zero ground strike. Thanks to these unique bases, the system is designed to withstand major winds speeds alongside 30mm projecting spikes to prevent climbing.
    • Lockmaster Swing Gates; used to match the fence line allowing easy access for workers onto the site.
  • The Brief

    The brief was outlined by Eric Wright Construction through their specific requirements on the compound that CLD Fencing Systems and Wallbank Fencing needed to follow. Due to their inability to break ground, a permanent fencing system was not going to work.

    • Zero ground strike fencing due to potential contaminates and services
    • Competitively priced
    • Operation and installation flexibility

“I’d never seen the FenceSafe system before, but we received a sample and liked it… it’s a very good system, we can’t break ground because of services and potential contaminates, so it’s ideal.”

Brent Knox, Contract Manager

Benefits of using FenceSafe Temporary Fencing:

  • Profiled panels with secure fixings
  • Temporary to permanent fencing options to reuse panels in projects
  • Designed for site security, events and any option that required wind loading rated temporary fencing systems
  • Full site specific wind loading report provided as standard
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