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Project Background

Sport Pitch Fencing – Man City Etihad Training Complex

Client Name

Manchester City


2014 - Ongoing


Sport Fencing

“We are building a structure for the future, not just a team of all-stars” announced Sheikh Mansour in 2008 with reference to Manchester City Football Club. Six years and £200m later, Mansour’s vision has been realised in the Etihad Training Complex; an 80 acre site where over 450 players train each week. The site, home to 17 football pitches and a 7000 seat stadium for reserve matches, is an epitome of innovation and state of the art design that CLD are proud to have contributed to.

During the early stages of project conception, CLD Fencing Systems were approached by the architects to provide professional design input for the perimeter fencing and gate systems which was critical to the final outcome. Our project managers remained dedicated and focussed throughout ensuring that our products complemented the Manchester City Brand and the environment they wished to create.

CLD Fencing Systems continue to be the framework Fencing designer and manufacturer for all works carried out at the complex and are constantly innovating new designs and solutions from their range of Sport Fencing Systems. In order to ensure customer care stayed at the forefront, CLD worked with our CLD Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) member and the main contractor, BAM Construction, to ensure absolute delivery of the completed product and continuity for the project.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems

    Creating a secure perimeter and state of the art training complex required a number of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates to be designed and manufactured.




  • The Brief

    Creating a world class training complex presents a number of key requirements when it comes to the external, internal fencing systems and physical access control.


    • An external perimeter to LPS 1775 SR1
    • Swing gates with guaranteed delay of at least 3 minutes against attack
    • Fast operation cycle main gates to prevent tailgating
    • Pitch separation that allows clear view
    • Ability to stop balls leaving the training area up to 6m in height
    • Must compliment the Manchester City brand
    • MUGA fencing that can withstand impact from Professional Players
    • Full Operation and Maintanence Schedules Produced
    • CAD Design and ‘as-built drawings’ of all systems used on the project



If we go into the market and we compete to bring young players or first-team players in, having a facility like this can only help. Arsenal was really good, Inter was really good, but I think this training facility takes it to a different level. – Patrick Vieira

Benefits of using Securus SR1 358 Rigid Mesh Fencing


  • 76.2 x 12.5mm Anti-Climb 358 Mesh Apertures
  • LPS 1175 SR1 Tested and Certified
  • Secured by Design accredited
  • ‘Approved for Government Use’ – Contact CPNI for further information
  • Additional Security Toppings Available
  • Heights of 2.4m and 3.0m
  • Full length Double Width Clamp Bar for added security
  • Polyester Powder Coated in a full range of RAL Colours



Benefits of using Dulok Rebound Sports Fencing


  • 50 x 66.5mm 868 Twin Wire Full Rebound
  • 200 x 50 mm Combination Panels available
  • Designed for MUGA Pitches
  • Full or Partial Rebound Options available
  • Panels can be inverted for flush finish
  • Full Length Clamp Bar
  • Sheardrive Fixings available
  • Full range of RAL Colours available



Benefits of using Ballstop Netting Sports Fencing


  • Various Mesh Apertures available
  • Available in heights up to 10000mm
  • Can be integrated with any one of CLD Fencing Systems Sports Fencing range
  • Weather Resistant
  • UV stable
  • Designed for use with MUGA Pitches
  • Various colours available
  • Cost effective solution



Benefits of using Sports Rail Spectator Railing


  • Tubular hand rail system in either 48.3 or 60.3mm CHS
  • Heights of 990mm, 1190mm or 1390mm
  • Choice of Rigid Mesh Infills
  • Ease of affixing advertising banners or boards
  • Pitch demarcation with clear viewing
  • Wide range of RAL Colours available



Benefits of using Lockmaster SR2 LPS 1175 Security Rated Swing Gates


  • Double Leaf or Single Leaf options
  • Double sided locking
  • LPS 1175 SR2 tested and accredited
  • Guaranteed minimum delay against attack of 3 minutes
  • Anti-lever gate frame and post interface
  • Heights of 2.4m and 3.0m
  • Single leaf available in widths from 900mm to 3000mm
  • Double leaf available in widths from 1200mm to 6000mm
  • Additional Security Toppings available
  • Availble in a full range of PPC RAL Colours



Benefits of using Speedmaster Trackless Bi-Folding Gates


  • Fastest operating gate in our range
  • Choice of Mesh Infills or Vertical Bar
  • Safety edges as standard
  • Catch plate for added security
  • Heights available up to 4000mm
  • Widths available up to 9000mm
  • Small footprint compared to Swing or Sliding Gates
  • Available in Zinc Coating with a full range of PPC RAL Colours



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