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Project Background

Rooftop Sports Pitch Fencing – Bow High School London

Client Name

Bow High School London




Sport Fencing

In East London, Bow High School were set to relocate to a brand new £30 million facility in Bow Lock back in 2014. This property was commissioned with the potential to increase their capacity, introducing over 1,000 more pupils into the school. This state of the art development offered the school additional features, such as a larger assembly and dining hall alongside three rooftop sports pitches.

The air quality at ground level was rather poor at their new development because of the A12 dual carriageway with it being adjacent to the school. Bow High School needed to find an alternative area for their external sports facilities. In an innovative use of space, they decided to situate their sports facilities on the roof. However, this use of space came with major safety concerns and the client was in need of a Rooftop Sports Pitch Fencing System around the perimeter of the building that held security elements. Alongside this fencing solution, a netting system was needed to cover the perimeter to prevent balls escaping play.

CLD Fencing Systems designed, manufactured and supplied Dulok Double Wire Mesh Fencing Systems which was used for the side walls with CLD’s Ballstop Netting System, covering the square footage of the roof.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems

    As mentioned, the air quality at ground level was poor, so Bow High School innovated the space of their new development by creating a rooftop sports area. With this the safety of the pupils was their main priority when selecting their fencing system.

  • The Brief

    As Bow High School were to utilise their rooftop space for 3 sports pitches, they had a number of specific requirements for the project.

    • Secure the rooftop with perimeter fencing which features anti-climb properties, to keep their students safe.
    • A netting system to prevent balls from being kicked or thrown onto the street below, minimising stoppages of play.


Due to the poor air quality at ground level for sports, the rooftop was the only space that would fit the three sports MUGA pitches. With this we urgently needed a rooftop sports pitch fencing with netting to protect our students and would stop balls from escaping and falling onto the street below. CLD Fencing Systems were able to design, manufacture and supply systems that matched our requirements exactly.

Benefits of using Dulok Double Wire Mesh Fencing System:

  • Available in 868 and 656 double wire mesh fencing options
  • Anti-cut through panels
  • Full length clamp bar
  • Sheardrive fixings
  • Wide range of height options (up to 6030mm high)
  • RAL colours available
  • Ideal for Schools, sports grounds and public areas
  • Conforming to BS 1722 14 for open mesh steel panel fences as standard


Benefits of using Ballstop Netting:

  • Heights from 500 to 10,000mm
  • Thick weather resistant mesh
  • Cost-effective netting easily integrated with any fencing system
  • Ideal for preventing lost equipment in schools
  • Different mesh ball stop netting apertures
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