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Project Background

HS2 Perimeter Security – Granby Terrace SCS Rail


Temporary Fencing

Earlier this year, SCS Railways started work on the Southern section of HS2, Granby Terrace, located between Euston and West Ruislip train stations. The scale of work scheduled for this section is vast and the project is estimated to carry on until 2026.

On the south side of this site, they realised their work came very close to the curbline and in fact needed to be stepped out into the road. With this being said they called for a solution that could be installed quickly and assembled fairly easily as not to delay the project. Another requirement found by SCS Railways was that the chosen system must be able to be reused and realigned if needs be, unlike timber hoarding on the market which can be wasteful and not cost effective. After searching for an alternative to timber hoarding on our website, the CLD Fencing Systems FenceSafe Hoard was selected.

FenceSafe Hoard is manufactured from recycled composite plastic panels with modular concrete blocks, which means the system can be erected and dismantled multiple times for reuse and realignment. In addition to these requirements, the necessity for restricted visibilty was increasing; another reson why FenceSafe Hoard was used. They found that due to the work being so close to public footpaths they were attracting attention from the public. As FenceSafe Hoard is a solid panel system, it fit the brief whilst also protecting the perimeter and creating a secure site for those at work.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems: 

    The Granby Terrace HS2 site started work with premises boundaries overlapping onto public footpaths, they needed a system that would protect.

    • FenceSafe Hoard; this system was the perfect alternative to the timber hoarding they had once used. Its modular design and tongue and groove click fix installation method, allows for quick and easy assembly for those on site.
  • The Brief

    SCS Railways and HS2 had very specific requirements for this project in order to keep both workers and the public safe. 

    • A system that’s quick and easy to install
    • Restrict visibility from outside whislt protecting both workers and public
    • Ability to reuse and realign if needed
    • Must follow temporary works forums regulations

We were having issues with attracting more attention such as local residents taking photos. We were looking at sheeting as a solution but then going to the CLD website, the better and tidier alternative was the FenceSafe Hoard that had the modular nature, fast installation and restricted visibility onto site.

Benefits of using FenceSafe Hoard

  • Highly durable composite recycled plastic sectional panels
  • Choice of either surface mounted onto concrete blocks or dug in
  • Easily assembled thanks to its tongue and groove click fixings that slot into engineered steel rails and channels
  • For dug in systems, fencing from our wide range of of High Security solutions is available
  • Temporary gates and turnstiles are available to match FenceSafe Hoard
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