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Project Background

Decorative Privacy Fencing – Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre

Client Name

Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre




Decorative Fencing

Since Douglas Macmillan founded the Macmillan Cancer Support charity in 1911, it’s grown into the UK’s leading source of cancer support. The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre provides high quality treatments, health and well-being services to patients in the Harrogate area. So when Davison Fencing approached CLD Fencing Systems back in 2015, regarding the need for a bespoke fencing solution, we worked tirelessly to produce a decorative privacy fencing system that would meet the specific needs of the hospital.

The project required a privacy fencing system that would provide a comfortable environment for patients going through treatment and their families visiting the hospital. They wanted the fence line to fit in with their holistic design created through their building and gardens, forming a serene retreat for everyone that visits or works on site.

CLD Fencing Systems and Jo Fairfax Studios collaborated to create a custom decorative privacy fencing system taking into consideration the needs of the patients. In order to keep within the hospitals holistic approach, CLD Fencing Systems wanted the fencing to encompass all aspects. The privacy panels would provide the physical seclusion and safety they were hoping for, alongside a beautiful work of art created to support personal wellbeing. So the solution of choice was CLD’s Decorative Metal Fence Panels, with a corten finish and intricate laser cut patterns. The design aimed to create a soft aesthetic by letting in small amounts of light, without compromising on privacy.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems

    When designing the decorative privacy fencing CLD Fencing Systems had to look at how they could incorporate privacy screening with a visually pleasing design. With the support from the client, the following fencing systems was selected:

    • Decorative Metal Fence Panels which can be designed to fit within the customers bespoke needs and designs. The corten metal fence panels securely wrapped around the large steel posts which provided the client with their privacy screening. The limitless options of our bespoke fencing met the decorative aspect of the brief.
  • The Brief

    The architects and the team at the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre had a number of requirements for their decorative privacy fencing. They wanted to ensure their fencing system complemented the aesthetics of their gardens.

    • The system needed to provide privacy screens for around the treatment areas.
    • It must be a visually pleasing fence line which was a work of art for all to enjoy.

Here at Macmillan we understand that good physical environments support personal well being. So when we were designing the building and landscape, we wanted to create a serene retreat for our patients, families and staff. CLD Fencing Systems helped us put our vision into a practicality, by providing us with not only privacy fencing but a work of art.

Benefits of using Decorative Metal Fence Panels:

  • No Design Limit
  • Laser Cut
  • Up to 4000mm x 2000mm decorative metal fence panel size
  • Any RAL Colours available including metallic
  • Corten Finish
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