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Project Background

Custody Suite Fencing – South Wales Police

Client Name

South Wales Police




High Security Fencing

In 2014; Bridgend custody suite in South Wales, commissioned a move to a custom built complex designed and constructed by Willmott Dixon. This new development consisted of a 42 cell custody suite with modern offices for staff working on site. This relocation was purposed in order to complement the additional custody suites in Cardiff Bay and Swansea. This process would help to assist the improvement of the police services across the South Wales region.

The facilities within the complex had to comply with Home Office regulations whilst providing safe and secure registration, interview and detention areas for staff and detainees. With this, the client had a number of high security requirements for their building and the perimeter fencing around the site.

As the client requested a high level of security for their perimeter fencing, the chosen solution was CLD Fencing Systems’ Securus 358 Security Mesh Fencing from the High Security range. This fencing system is a versatile and hard-wearing solution, holding anti-climb features whilst allowing excellent visibility for CCTV cameras.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems

    Our range of Custody Suite Fencing Systems were used on this project to provide the South Wales Custody Suite their first line of defence. The client selected the following solution:

    • Securus 358 Security Mesh Fencing System was the best system for the client as it held all the aspects they were looking for. The Securus 358 system has excellent visibility even with its 76.2 x 12.5mm mesh size which retains its anti-climb properties.
  • The Brief

    For the brief, there were specific requests from the clients around this custody suite fencing system, in order to comply with the home office’s regulations. They included:

    • It was essential that the fencing system was secure due to the nature of the development.
    • The client expressed the need for great visibility for CCTV cameras in operation.
    • They also required anti-climb properties for safety.

With the construction of the new 42 cell custody suite, the client was in urgent need of a perimeter fence line to match the high security properties of the new development. The use of CLD Fencing Systems was the ultimate choice as it gives the client the ability to future proof their system, upgrading to LPS 1175 SR1 or SR2 if threat levels were to increase.

Benefits of using Securus 358 Security Mesh Fencing Systems:

  • Versatile and hard wearing
  • Flush finish with no overlapping
  • Future proof – upgradeable to LPS 1175 SR1 & SR2
  • Anti-climb fence panels
  • Full range of RAL colours available
  • Installation is quick and easy
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