Metal Railings

28th July 2022

CLDs FlexaRail system redefines school & playground fencing standards

CLD Physical Security Systems’ high-performance FlexaRail system developed to safeguard and protect children’s play areas, has been re-engineered to offer new, industry-leading features in safety and sustainability.

Flexible Fencing

With a blend of innovative installation and security features, attractive, welcoming designs, and an in-house manufacturing process. The unique qualities of the FlexaRail range have seen it attract an extensive client base across the education and amenity sectors.

Now, the system has been scaled up to include the latest installation and safety adaptions. It offers a more sustainable manufacturing process enabling clients to specify an environmentally focused security solution.

Innovative & Sustainable Fencing

We wanted to respond to the latest safety requirements for schools and playgrounds, so for 2022. Our designers at CLD went back to the drawing board, to create an in-house manufactured metal fence railing system. This includes the latest in installation and safety solutions.

The innovative, new, and improved design and production of FlexaRail contributes to a reduction in carbon used. In comparison to traditional solid bar welded railings, FlexaRail produces 98% less carbon during the manufacturing process. While our weld-free technology and the tubular rails used are driving change as sectors seek to rebuild and evolve for a greener planet. This feature alone supports our end client’s environmental impact as many now look to their supply chain for sustainable alternatives. The end result is that specifiers can be certain that their projects are in safe hands with FlexaRail.

Russell Wells, Sales Director of CLD Fencing

Metal Railings

For various educational environments

Other benefits include approval by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for the use of FlexaRail’s standard bow top around play areas.

The system’s vertical tubular bar metal railings are available in a variety of heights. This allows taller panels to be created where physical security needs to be ramped up. Creating a formidable barrier around the nursery, school, and playground perimeters.

And FlexaRail is purpose-built to offer outstanding perimeter protection on uneven ground. With revolutionary self-raking metal railings following the contours of steep gradients without the need for stepping. Attractive designs also transform the aesthetics of playground settings, while low-maintenance features ensure the look is retained for the long term.