GRP fencing

6th April 2022

The Importance Of Fencing In Protecting Our Airports

High-quality and durable airport security perimeter fencing is essential as the first line of defence when protecting staff, passengers and fuel sources from outside security risks – such as terrorism, trespassers and other criminal activity.

With airport security fencing performing various functions in potentially dangerous situations, having both radio transparent and frangible fencing in airports is crucial:

Radio transparency

  • Ensures any radio signals from landing aid devices do not interfere with radars and traffic controls

Frangible fencing

  • If this particular kind of fencing is collided with, then it will break up into many fragments, making it less of a risk in instances of any plane crashes

Some airports also use Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Fencing – the next evolution in Frangible Radio Transparent or Non-Conductive Fencing and Railings. Here at CLD Fencing, our GRP range of mesh fencing and railings can be meshed with GRP crash gates in the form of Fibrefence. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

GRP fencing

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Fencing

Adopted by 50+ airports and military fields globally, our Fibrefence GRP Mesh is the latest in GRP technology and offers a non-conductive, non-corrosive, frangible and radio transparent fencing system.

Benefits of GRP Fencing

  • Features mesh, profiles and wind-bracings – making it one of the most efficient, durable and cost-effective solutions on the market
  • Fast and easy installation due to it being lightweight – reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment and expensive installation costs
  • Mechanical resistant and protects against intrusion attempts and wildlife
  • Parts of the mesh can be buried into the ground and a smaller mesh used at the bottom – in line with recommendations from the Aviation Authorities
  • Security can be further increased by adding special arms to support plastic, barbed or concertina wires to the vertical rods
  • Compatible with the most common intrusion detection, monitoring and control systems
permanent GRP fencing

Benefits of Fibrefence GRP Railings

When added security is needed, our Fibrefence GRP Railing Systems completes any aviation project:

  • Uses GRP pultruded profiles which are then assembled to create self-standing, modular panels that combine high mechanical resistance and efficient protection with radio transparency and frangibility requirements
  • Suitable to protect areas subject to jet-blast thanks to extremely tough design
  • Available in standard heights from 1m to 3m, with other dimensions being designed and manufactured based on specific requirements
temporary GRP fencing

Benefits of Fibrefence GRP Gates

Having controlled access to a site – whether pedestrian or vehicular – is just as important as the fence and gate-lines in an airport.

Here are just some of the advantages of our Fibrefence GRP Gates:

  • Share all GRP’s intrinsic benefits – radio transparency, frangibility, and corrosion, UV rays, weather and mechanical resistance – and requires minimal maintenanc
  • Lightweight compared to equivalent steel gate systems and is easy to assemble on site
  • If driven through, even when closed, there will be no major damage to rescue vehicles – allowing prompt intervention
  • Available in single or double-leaf layout with standard height up to 2.5m and apertures up to 12m

CLD Fencing has been instrumental in keeping the UK’s airports safe for the last decade and remains at the forefront of airport security fencing.