7th April 2021

Could you need high security gates on your premises?

Security is at the forefront of every businesses priority list, and it can look different for every industry. Whether its barbed fencing, 24-hour CCTV, manned security or high security perimeter fencing – finding the right solution that will keep your premises and its contents safe can be a minefield.

Recently, high security gates have seen a rise in demand across a wide range of sectors thanks to their ability to offer unrivalled strength and control, making it easier to monitor and police who comes and goes.

But, with a wide range of security gates on offer, where do you start? Here we take a look at why high security gates are so popular, and the different options available.

Airport Physical Perimeters

Why are high security gates important?

Perimeter fencing of any kind is an investment, especially for small and medium sized businesses, so it’s important to know why they’re so important and ultimately why they are worth investing in.

Combining durable materials and leading technology, high security gates offer much more than just a visual deterrent, offering the following benefits as well:

  • Greater control on who enters the premises
  • Physical deterrent to intruders maybe looking to enter sites (including our anti-climb system as standard)
  • Convenience – our automated security gate range offers additional ease of use without compromising on strength

The addition of a high security gate means that not only will potential trespassers see the hurdles in place but will have a much harder time compromising them. Whether manual or automated, our range of high security gates have been utilised in a range of high-threat environments to add a professional and vital element to the overall appearance of the building.

So, which gate system is right for your next project?

Whether you’ve fallen victim to break-ins in the past or have just decided to increase security with a high security gate, the next bit is choosing which you want in place! All offer efficiency and longevity, so the choice really is yours, but to help – here is a little more about the gates on offer.

  1. Swing gates

Our high security swing gates are ideal where space isn’t a problem as they open wide (as the name suggests) and can command a large area when in operation. Strong and sturdy swing gates are one of the most popular types of high security gate as they are available in a range of designs and can be both single or double lead, depending on your requirements.

  1. Sliding gates

If you are more limited on space, sliding security gates which open up on themselves are a great option. Operating on cantilevers, sliding gates like these can open and close quickly to keep trespassers out, or in, in the case of a breach in security.

  1. Bi-folding speed gates

Do you need high security gates which grant speedy access? Then you should be looking at bi-folding speed gates. Automated to open and close at speed, these are a fantastic security measure where access to the premises must be kept at an absolute minimum.