29th January 2021

What are the benefits of Mesh Fencing?

Welded mesh fencing is amongst the most popular when it comes to practical security solutions for commercial premises – and for good reason too! Affordable, durable and with the ability to customise it to blend in seamlessly with your building – mesh fencing has deserved its strong reputation.

If it’s your responsibility to arrange fencing installation, then we appreciate there is a lot to be considered, and other options you may be toying with. So, to help you make a more informed decision, today we’re talking about some of the biggest benefits to opting for mesh fencing.

This will be determined through a threat assessment and understanding the type and frequency of threats you would expect to face.

Then there is the complexity of the perimeter defence you are trying to create.

While a high security fence will provide you with a high level of protection, it is just one piece in a wider security system.

Are you going to consider additional security features like CCTV, gates and guard stations, or extenders with barbed wire?

All of this could help determine the type of high security fencing you choose.

You also need to consider the aesthetic of your security fencing.

Are you looking for an obvious and clear deterrent that easily stands out around your perimeter?

Or are you looking for a high level of security, but with a more visually appealing construction?

When it comes to the high-security fencing itself, there are two main types:

Rugby Pitch Fencing Grasshoppers RFC


When it comes to erecting outdoor fencing, perhaps the first and most important thing you want to know is whether it can withstand the elements with ease. The good news for mesh fencing is that it is incredibly durable, and can weather hot, cold and wet conditions and still look as good as new at the end of it.

Here at CLD Fencing Systems, we have mesh fencing available in Marine Grade, making it even more durable and able to protect your building thanks to its incredibly secure structure. Choose between Twin Wire and 358 Security mesh fencing or get in touch with our team if you’re unsure and we can help you select the most durable option to meet your needs.

Aesthetically pleasing

When you’re looking for fencing that will act as a security measure, you want something easily visible that may deter opportunists, without it sticking out as an eyesore. That’s why here at CLD Fencing Systems, we offer a range of different styles, including the option to go for decorative fencing. As well as this all of our mesh fencing is available in the full range of RAL colours, so you can opt to make it bespoke in keeping with a colour or theme of your choosing.

Low maintenance

Metal mesh fencing is notoriously easy to maintain. It is manufactured to be easy to wipe down and with regular upkeep should last a lifetime with minimal effort on your part.


Welded mesh fencing is designed to be a strong deterrent for criminals, and thus is pretty unmovable once installed by the professionals. Hard-wearing mesh fencing like the security solutions we provide at CLD Fencing Systems are fixed to galvanised steel posts using a full-length clamp bar system matched with strong bolts, so they are easy for us to fit but near impossible to compromise.

Contact CLD Fencing Systems to discuss your security needs today!

If you’re seriously considering new fencing, whether it be for a busy office space, a school, community building or something else – we encourage you to contact our team. We have almost 50 years’ experience in the industry and were the first UK company to export rigid mesh fencing systems to china for specialist purposes. We know what we’re doing and offer only the best and most sturdy fencing solutions to suit your individual requirements.

For a chat with our team, call today on 0808 506 2302 or pop an email over to info@CLD-fencing.com and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.