14th December 2020

The Hot Topic – Military Attacks: Potential Threats in the US

Military bases are well known for their high security protection and protocols they implement to keep the site safe and fortified.

This can range from high level fencing systems with security toppings, intrusion detection like CCTV to hostile vehicle mitigation solutions to reduce threat levels and protect those on site. However, even with these high-level safety protocols, threats and attacks still happen with some causing major injuries.

Back in January 2020, a gunman attempted to speed through a security gate at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas. He then proceeded to open fire, wounding a sailor who was part of the military bases’ security. These terror-related threats happen all over the US and other countries. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated case, according to AP News, back in December 2019, three U.S sailors were shot and killed and eight were wounded on a military base, described as an act of terrorism. These attacks were bad with some soldiers losing their lives, but how bad would these incidents have been if the physical security measures hadn’t held up against these attacks or worse weren’t there at all?

If the physical security wasn’t there to detect and delay these perpetrators, then the casualties of these attacks could have doubled or tripled in size. There is a high chance these military bases will be attacked and threatened due to the importance so, the physical security and perimeters that surround them need to hold up against both impulsive and unprompted attacks and also calculated and predetermined threats out there. This is why all military base security needs to be tested against many different attack tools and approved by standards and security ratings.

This is why CLD Fencing Systems high security fencing is tested and accredited by LPCB in the form of security rating LPS 1175 whilst also being approved for used by the Police in the form of Secured by Design. Our high security products are also CPNI accredited which means they are approved for use by Government. The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is the UK Government authority, providing protective security advice which in turn aims to reduce vulnerability of the national infrastructure to terrorism and other threats. This means our products are proven to keep sites like Government building and MoD bases safe and secure during heightened threats and attacks.

They provide a guaranteed minimum delay against attacks, like those mentioned, ranging from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. Because of this, our high security fencing has been the selected choice for many military bases and projects. This can be shown in our case study for the RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus which needed a security system that would meet the increasing level of security against threats.