10th August 2020

Product Spotlight – FenceSafe Hoard

Normally hoarding wouldn’t be a product that would be considered in the security sector but thanks to the research and development team at CLD Fencing Systems, their new FenceSafe Hoard can now provide sites with a secure temporary solution to protect assets and the public. As the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security gates, their expertise in physical perimeter protection over the last 40 year is unparalleled in the industry.


Whereas previously hoarding systems would have been constructed using plywood that rots and is damaged with ease. The new FenceSafe Hoard is manufactured from a specialist recycled PVC material. Ranging from construction projects to infrastructure and aviation, this solution offers either ground bury or foundation free surface mounting for safety and security.

Developed using a sustainable plastic robust core that forms a chambered coextrusion profile, the system is operation at temperatures as low as -5oC and stable up to 79oC making it suitable for most locations around the globe.  Using a tongue and grove click connection to form a solid wall, each profile measures only 500mm in width allowing a post centre of 2.520m at heights of 2.5 and 3.0m (as standard) with other heights available.

Hoarding Fencing

Each profile has a tensile strength of between 50 – 65 N/mm2 and conforms to BS EN 1991 for wind loading.  What helps to make Fencesafe Hoard such a unique security product is the flanged rolled post sections that after the hoarding system is taken down can have LPS 1175 security fencing from the CLD Fencing Systems wide range of high security fencing deployed for permanent grade protection.

Available in a standard RAL 7040 Window Grey or with bespoke graphics that can be installed pre or post installation. All FenceSafe Hoard systems are available to purchase or hire on medium to long term leases from CLD Fencing Systems.

“The FenceSafe Hoard (FSH) is the latest and greatest product launch in our effort to help build a safer, secure and more sustainable construction environment, which we’ve found through extensive research are the 3 pillars at the forefront of almost every decision maker when choosing their first line of defence. FSH has reusability and safety, built into its DNA, and whilst already working closely with clients we are seeing this range welcomed when compared with traditional timber hoarding. Not only does timber hoarding decay quickly impacting its structural integrity, but we have also noted huge rising costs, due to timber shortages especially when whole life costs are broken down. FSH is clearly the next generation in temporary site security.”

Russell Wells - Sales Director